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Wisconsin DOJ completes investigation into Sylville Smith death

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Sylville Smith

MADISON — The Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation has concluded its investigation of the officer-involved death of 23-year-old Sylville Smith, who was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer on August 13. The shooting sparked unrest in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park, including arson fires, looting and rioting.

According to the Wisconsin DOJ, the investigative report and accompanying evidence have been sent to the Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm who will make the decision whether or not to issue criminal charges against the officer responsible for the death of Smith.

Authorities say the audio, video and photo evidence associated with the investigation are not available at this time. The Wisconsin DOJ says they plan to publish the reports and digital evidence on the Wisconsin DOJ website when the DA determines they are no longer material to any ongoing criminal proceedings.


    • Dylan

      Really you dont know..come.on more.riots…regardless what the decision is or isnt…it seems to be a way of life. For Black Lives Matter..the Dontre Hamilton family..Maria and Nate…the Black Panthers. Etc…..common sense..and decency does.not prevail for.these like.minded throngs

  • J227

    The usual typo….”The Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation”?There is no such entity. It is The Division of Criminal Investigation. Not that anyone really cares but this news outlet F’s it up every single time.

  • confused

    If only John Chisholm or whomever the atty was prosecuting Smith for any of his court dealings would have stood strong and no pleas, no $50 fines or whatever, if that atty had stood strong and the judge had sentenced a long jail term, maybe Smith would have been behind bars and alive instead of running amok with a stolen gun and pulling it on an officer. I’m very curious as to how this plays out for MPD. Either way, we know the family and several others said it din’t matter what the tape showed. Get the National Guard ready for more “unrest”. IMO, the first rock tossed thru a window or at a cop, open up on the “unrested”. If you are foolish enough to bring children in the dark of night, to a “protest” as you call them, the harm that could come to them is on you.

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