“It’s just tragic:” Loved ones come together to remember couple killed in crash at 76th and Sheridan

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MILWAUKEE -- Two young lives lost. Loved ones come together to remember the couple killed in a crash Thursday morning, September 22nd near 76th and Sheridan.

76th and Sheridan vigil

76th and Sheridan vigil

Friends and family gathered Friday, September 23rd. Through tears they remembered 20-year-old Keemari Canady, and 21-year-old Johnathan Tucker.

At the corner of 76th and Sheridan, loved ones stand in the spot that has become a place of deep sorrow.

76th and Sheridan vigil

76th and Sheridan vigil

"It's just tragic," said Charlene Martin, Keemari Canady's grandmother.


Johnathan Tucker and Keemari Canady

Keemari Canady and her boyfriend, Johnathan Tucker, were both killed in the crash.

"It's terrible. I mean, that's my grand baby," said Martin.

Charlene Martin

Charlene Martin

Martin struggles as she remembers her granddaughter.

"I can't touch her no more. I can't hear her call me granny," said Martin.

Once full of life, taken suddenly.

"I just wish she was still here," said Martin.

Fatal crash at 76th and Sheridan

Fatal crash at 76th and Sheridan

Martin says Canady and Tucker were inseparable. Thursday morning, the two were driving together -- Tucker behind the wheel, Canady in the passenger seat when they crashed into a woodchipper.

Canady died at the scene, Tucker died later at the hospital.

Keemari Canady

Keemari Canady

"People just slow down. Please slow down," said Martin.

It's a message echoed by Milwaukee police on Friday.

"The estimated speeds were approximately 70 to 80 miles-per-hour," said Lieutenant Phil Hanyard, Milwaukee Police Department.


Keemari Canady and Johnathan Tucker

Police say there has been an uptick in serious and fatal crashes, especially among young people.

"Stop at red lights. Stop at stop signs and just drive with care and caution," said Hanyard.

They are words this family hopes a community hears so that others do not have to feel the same pain.

Family tells FOX6 News this isn't their first time dealing with a tragic crash. Canady's brother died in an accident last year.


    • Slicing you up

      really???? Pathetic. They didn’t kill anyone else and unfortunately they lost their lives. I think that is enough sacrifice to have some sympathy for a young couple who didn’t have the chance to get to the age of knowing better. Its a shame that people like you exist.

      • Robert

        At 21 years old, you should know that driving 70-80 mph down a city street could result in death. And did you read in the story that the girl’s brother died in an accident too?? Wouldn’t that have an impact on “getting a chance to know better” ??? Guess we’ll hear more details, but he probably ran a red light too. Maybe high on drugs? Who knows. But you see how big that DPW truck is – and he plowed right into it, almost like he was aiming for it.

    • Robert

      My thoughts exactly :( Still sad that two people died … but it’s his fault for driving that recklessly. I’m glad it was a giant woodchipper truck and not pedestrians or another vehicle with innocent people in it. Who knows, maybe they “saw a gun” pointed at them from another car, or someone was “threatening” them, or they had to get to a hospital, or something …. but most likely he was just driving that fast because he wanted to, and he didn’t care about anyone else but himself. Not even the safety of his “inseparable” beloved girlfriend. Almost wish he would have survived, so he would also have to live with the pain caused by his actions. But I’m sure somehow he would just blame white people and sue the city.

      • Daniel Braun

        It’s 76th street. Anything goes. Speed limits don’t mean anything and the far right lane is a passing lane, especially if you’re going over the bridge right before the watermelon truck. Nevermind the two signs that let you know that right lane is for turning only because it goes from three lanes down to two at the light after the bridge. One of these days that watermelon truck is going to be on the news. If I were the owner I wouldn’t be sitting in it.

        Same thing at the lights on Hampton (sb lane). Always someone that has to come flying up in the turn lane and try to get ahead of everyone. Doesn’t matter that the right lane across the intersection is full of parked cars. They try it anyways. Maybe they need to start putting up graphic billboards in this neighborhood because there’s clearly something wrong with some of these people. More often than not it’s younger males. Mostly black, but given the location that’s not surprising. But I’ve seen plenty of white guys too. It’s a young male thing.

  • Life

    They were young adults still trying to figure out life. A mistake was made that cost them their lives. Thank god no one else was injured but the fact still remains that their friends and family are grieving for them. RIP John you were loved by many.

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