“Tragedy from all sides:” Former Milwaukee police detective to spend 1 year, 1 day behind bars

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MILWAUKEE -- A federal court judge sentenced former Milwaukee police office and detective Rodolfo Gomez on Thursday, October 13th to one year and one day behind bars -- plus one year probation. This for punching a handcuffed suspect while interrogating him.

That sentence was recommended by the U.S. attorney.  Federal Judge Pamela Pepper said she was also taking into account what Gomez has already lost, including his job, career and marriage.


Surveillance video from August 2013 shows Gomez interrogating suspect Deron Love for the death of his own baby. Love, visibly upset, stands up. Gomez responds by striking him in the face. It escalates when Gomez punches Love in the face again -- then he knees him in the torso. Love was handcuffed to the wall -- and never fought back. A lieutenant finally intervened.

Love was cleared as a suspect in his son's death. However, he is now in prison for an unrelated incident.

Again, the judge presiding over this case sentenced Gomez to one year and one day in prison.

Terry Love, Deron's uncle

Terry Love, Deron's uncle

"This is an extremely difficult case and a tragedy from all sides," said Judge Pepper.

Love's family said that sentence is not enough.

"He's in blue. They treat police different than anybody else. Like if me or you would've done what he did we probably would've gotten 20 years automatically," said Terry Love, Love's uncle.

"Horrible. A year and a day for an officer who beat someone handcuffed is not right. I feel like he got away with it," said Alton Finch, Love's brother.

Rodolfo Gomez

Rodolfo Gomez


  • BG

    Just crazy how the system covers up for the Badge! I hope this young man sued the county and that idiot officer!!!!

  • Martin

    Still a judge taking pity on a cop. How many judges take into consideration a criminal of losing their job and family before sentencing. This is a man tying up another man and torturing them. The year is nothing

    • Jim

      Clearly what he did was wrong. But saying he tied up another man and tortured him is in reality an exaggeration. And if you think being locked up for a year is nothing…..why don’t you do the time for him.

  • Anon

    Just remember Steve Avery is soon to released after being found “non guilty” for the rape, murder and burning of Theresa Halback. But hey, he’s not a police officer, so that makes you dumb libs all happy, right? You love rapists, child molesters, drug dealers, and murderers but you hate police. Not all police are bad but rapists, child molesters, drug dealers and murderers ARE ALL BAD!! But you TREAT ALL police AS IF they ARE ALL BAD. I saw BLM screaming murder and hate AT the police while those same police were PROTECTING THEM during their “rally”. And then they were whining and crying over the shooting of robber, another addict, and even a murderer. They are nothing but HYPOCRITES. I am just glad WI has a “castle defense law” and concealed carry, otherwise they would scream for the death of any woman or homeowner that shoots someone going after THEM. Despite the laws actually I think they would ANY WAY. Because the Marxist Left Democratic crowd ALWAYS feels sorry for the perpetrator and HATES the victims. They can’t even see straight enough to even allow women in cities to carry pepper spray to protect themselves. That’s almost illegal now. Women actually to have a concealed carry like license just to carry pepper spray! When I was a kid, women in cities regularly had mace, “screamers”, even brass knuckles and Derringers. and you saw a LOT less rapes and muggings in those days because the guys didn’t know who had those and who didn’t. Now that the DEMOCRATS have ASSURED them that most women don’t, especially in our college towns, they can have OPEN SEASON on them. I remember in my childhood a different time where there a lot less of them and break ins and that was because WE were ARMED! The losers didn’t know which woman or guy had a concealed weapon, or loud screamer, or mace on them or which homes had guns or know, so they were much more cautious, there also were less drug users, so they didn’t just do crazy when they were stopped or thinking about doing crime. The biggest component in these shootings is the presence of one or two drugs: THC or PCP. People debate about THC, but PCB or PCP is KNOWN to make you act STUPID. Plus most of the guys have a record already of drugs or gang activity, even the juveniles that have been shot. There also is usually a police call involved and the caller or callers don’t give any details–which caused the tragic death of Dontre Hamilton and a young boy that was playing in the park with a toy gun–the stupid neighbor referred to it as an “assault rifle” and it turned out to be a toy pistol made to look like a gun and the boy pointed it at the police officer. As for Dontre Hamilton, his death would have been avoided on the THIRD police call about him IF the other officer duos had been allowed to take him in for the night OR if Flynn had been smart enough to dispatch another officer to assist Chris Manney. The previous encounters had TWO, Manney was sent to take care of it alone and the previous ones didn’t bring him in. If they had brought him in, he would be alive today and gotten treatment for what was ailing him at the time, instead they decided to have the last one deal with him alone after two previous “harassments” and those stupid decisions on the part of Flynn or whoever advised the last scenario sealed the “deal” and killed Hamilton and ruined Manney’s reputation for life. Of course a guy that gets two previous encounters is gong to be annoyed! But you see that stupid decisions lead to death, stupid decisions on the part of whoever runs the city of Mllwaukee (which was Flynn or another “superior” officer who advised Manney or the dispatcher) and a stupid decision to act on his anger on the part of Dontre Hamilton.

    • grr

      Yeah, This cop did something bad but not all cops are bad, but the LEFT and stupid hacks like to think there mostly good violent criminals. Since when did we get this CRAZY IDEA??? If a person really did a violent crime like rape, child molestation, armed robbery, assault or murder, that person is BAD. A sane person CAN’T feel sorry for them and think they are “good”. You could perhaps feel sorry for someone who steals some food in a market or a person who’s a down and out desperate drunk or some woman who thinks she can only get a living by prostituting herself, but you can’t feel sorry for the previous ones I mentioned (or the guys that happily exploit, sell drugs to or take advantage of the prostitutes), otherwise you have a TOTALLY warped mind and an attitude where you actually HATE the VICTIMS. I was the victim of crimes at least twice and I was sickened by the attitude of people that wanted to feel “sorry” for the perpetrators. I think a lot of former Dems like me became Republicans that way because there was OBVIOUSLY no care on the part of leftists towards victims of crime, whether they think the victim deserves to be robbed because the victim is “rich” (I’m not but they feel sorry for robbers anyway, even if they are helpless women and kids) or “the crime happened some years ago and he’s sorry and says he ‘made a bad decision’ so maybe the victim (of sexual crime) is actually kinda guilty in some way” or “we have to feel sorry for him because he ‘served his time’ ” and any complaint by the victim is actually seen then a “harassment”. Boy have we gone TWISTED in the last 30-40 years! Hey, at least we don’t LYNCH them anymore! I’m afraid there’s more than a few victims that wish they would!

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