Amber Alert CANCELED: Taratino Carter, in vehicle stolen from gas station FOUND SAFE!

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MILWAUKEE -- A "Child Abduction/Amber Alert" has been CANCELED for a 15-month-old boy -- whom police believed was inside a stolen vehicle. Taratino Carter was FOUND SAFE Sunday night, October 23rd.

Taratino Carter

Taratino Carter

According to the alert, 15-month-old Carter was last seen around 5:50 p.m. near 60th and Good Hope. He was in a vehicle at a gas station -- when that vehicle was stolen.

Police tell FOX6 News Carter's mother left her vehicle running and went inside the gas station. That's when the suspect in this case jumped into the car and took off -- with the baby inside.

Gas station near 60th & Good Hope

Gas station near 60th & Good Hope

Police say it was an alert citizen who recognized the car from the Amber Alert parked near 39th and Silver Spring Drive -- and notified police.

Taratino Carter was found safe and sound inside the vehicle -- still seated in his car seat.

Taratino Carter

Taratino Carter

Upon learning Carter was safe, Carter's grandmother told FOX6 News she couldn't wait to hold him in her arms.

"My heart goes out to Milwaukee police. A lot of gratitude. It could have ended a completely different way," Sharon Whitaker said.

Police tell FOX6 News the suspect has not been located -- but they have some leads.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates.


  • Kara W

    So glad he was found safe! What a beautiful baby. I’m sure this family is relieved beyond words to have him back!

  • michaelwilliams851

    This is the fault of the Mother for being a Moron ! Never leave your car running and unattended or if you do please use your spare key to lock the doors . This also is not a good idea but at least the criminal just can’t jump in and go .


    Along with every Amber Alert, they should have whatever bounty they are offering. This would make the sport of perv hunting much more interesting.

  • The boss

    With all the car theft in Milwaukee who the heck still leaves a car unattended and running at a gas station? People won’t leave their cellphones unattended but will leave babies unattended. What a world!

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