“He got justice:” Sherman Park neighborhood reacts to charges filed in Sylville Smith case

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MILWAUKEE -- In the Sherman Park neighborhood, for some the decision to charge former Milwaukee police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown with first-degree reckless homicide in connection with the fatal shooting of Sylville Smith, is bringing relief. There was concern riots are still a possibility with many still upset about the shooting.sherman-park-neighborhood

The majority of people FOX6 News spoke with think criminal charges against the officer are appropriate after the shooting ruined parts of their neighborhood residents say they have not stopped living.

On one of Milwaukee's coldest days, there are still signs from one if its worst.

At Sherman and Burleigh, pumps from the former BP gas station remain charred and police tape remains on some trees.sherman-park-neighborhood2

Following the police shooting of Sylville Smith, the riots that followed destroyed several businesses.

People who live in the area are digesting the news, the officer has been criminally charged.

Dominique Heaggan-Brown

Dominique Heaggan-Brown

"It's unfortunate that it had to happen, that all the businesses the station and everything had to happen, but I'm glad he got justice. His family got justice for it," said Brandon Stephens, happy with decision.

Everyone FOX6 News spoke with, believes the DA made the right decision.

"From what I've been hearing he was 100% wrong so I am happy that justice is served," said Stephens.

While the neighborhood still shows signs of a night most will never forget, it is not frozen in time.

Nearby at Fond du Lac and Burleigh, Thursday is the grand re-opening at Jet Beauty -- a store heavily damaged during the riots.

Jet Beauty

Jet Beauty

"It was sad what happened. It was a storm, we got caught in it, we are here," said Silva Sandoval, Jet Beauty.

Silvia Sandoval lost her job when the store closed. She is thankful the owners were dedicated to bring it back.

Jet Beauty

Jet Beauty

"You just got to move on, get people to work, be here you know," said Sandoval.

While the store has re-opened on a day with news about the event that led to it being destroyed, she says employees are not thinking about the courtroom.

"Whatever is going on out there, we just focus right here," said Sandoval.

Neighbors nearby agree, hoping the tragedy that scarred the neighborhood will not define it.

"Hoping another spark don't come on and we can just live man," said Stephens.

Neighbors say they are confident regardless of what happens in the case, the worst is behind them. However, many remain nervous about the days ahead.


  • Huh !

    I just hope the jury and public in general, look at the evidence in the shooting and don’t consider the sex charges as part of this incident ! They are 2 separate cases and should be seen as such !!!

  • MelissaK

    So, this POS thug had a gun, the officer shot twice within less than 2 seconds because this thug resisted, and….we also have that the cop is black! Oh lord. And now they want to charge the cop. I am glad I do not live in Milwaukee and I never will. The northside is a cesspool and the law enforcement is strictly about politics, not protecting the public. If I were a cop (which I would never be stupid enough to be), I would let the blacks police themselves. It would be like Vegas…whatever happens in the hood, STAYS IN THE HOOD! I would NOT risk my life or my freedom to protect animals and then have them turn on me.

    • Milwaukee is ghetto

      Exactly Melissa! And the liberal-bias media like FAUX6 isn’t helping matters any… just dividing the city even further with their racist-loving agenda. I can’t wait to move out of this garbage state before it becomes the next Illinois. Since Illinois is completely run by liberals, you can see how great that’s doing (/sarcasm)… just take a look at Chicago’s crime rates and how the state is on the verge of bankruptcy… city halls filled with corrupt politicians who place their friends into government office for only a day or two just to secure a “free pension”. Ya, Milwaukee is turning into a “Little Chicago” sadly enough.

  • 414 Say No Mo

    Hey Fox6!
    100% of people living in Downtown MKE that were spoken to believe you should not run from law enforement with a gun in your hand.
    My husband and I live downtown and we both agree so that’s 100% correct? Just following your standards of reporting

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