“I’m still alive:” Retired MMA fighter stabbed multiple times during attempted carjacking

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NEW BERLIN -- New Berlin police are searching for two suspects in connection with a stabbing that happened during an attempted "bump and run" carjacking that occurred early Wednesday morning, January 18th.

New Berlin attempted carjacking

New Berlin attempted carjacking

It happened shortly after 4:00 a.m. near the intersection of S. Calhoun Road and W. Glendale Drive in New Berlin.

Police said two men rear-ended a vehicle, then stabbed the driver while trying to take off in his car.

The victim told FOX6 News he's a retired MMA fighter, and when he realized the suspects were trying to steal his car, his instincts kicked in.

Sasa Perkic

Sasa Perkic

"Literally it was 10 seconds before I was going to turn into my apartment building and I see these lights getting close to me and I'm thinking they're going to pass me because they're kind of going fast," said Sasa Perkic.

Perkic said two men in a van tapped his bumper at Calhoun and Glendale. As Perkic got out of his Kia Sol to look at the damage, the passenger of the van ran toward his car.

New Berlin attempted carjacking

New Berlin attempted carjacking

Sasa Perkic

Sasa Perkic

"I grabbed him by his shoulders and I dragged him on the ground. Got on top of him, started hitting him and then I just started feeling like...I thought it was punches at first in my lower back. Then I felt sharpness in my right shoulder and that's when I knew I was getting stabbed," said Perkic.

The driver of the van stabbed Perkic 10 times before Perkic said he was able to trip him. Both suspects then returned to their van and drove off.

Sasa Perkic wounds

Sasa Perkic wounds

"Whatever does not kill me makes me stronger. So I'll take it. I'm still alive. I'm going to see my kids. My car is here," said Perkic.

New Berlin attempted carjacking

New Berlin attempted carjacking

Despite the injuries to his shoulder and lower back, the MMA fighter turned club bouncer said he doesn't regret defending himself, but he said he's definitely learned his lesson about what to do if he's rear-ended again -- especially in the middle of the night.

"Do not leave your car. Just call the cops right away," said Perkic.

Perkic was transported to a hospital where he was treated and released.

The suspects are described as black males, both approximately 5'10" tall, with thin builds, in their early 20s. One suspect was wearing a black hoodie. The other was wearing a black coat.

Their vehicle was described as a late 1990s to early 2000s mini-van. It could be purple or gray -- and has tinted windows.

New Berlin attempted carjacking

Police said if you feel like something isn't right, lock your doors, call police and drive to a well-lit area like a gas station or restaurant.

Google Map for coordinates 42.997454 by -88.127856.


  • The boss

    I don’t live in New Berlin but I do have a few friends who live there. It’s an upscale community. Once I told a friend that if I’m a police patrolling the area and see any old scrappy vehicle driving in the area,I’m going to pull it over because that type of car is definitely up to something not good in that community. So this case is a classic example.

  • Requesting accountability

    Sad. Accountability has no race – you dumb s### a####?. Might be your local “cracker” pos..

  • Sarah

    I call BS on this whole story….Did FOX do a background check this “MMA” fighter . I bet there is WAY more to the story.

    • Jane Elliott

      People Kill me do your damn research before you call BS on something! GOOGLE him! if your ass hole was itching I bet you would Google how to treat an itching ass.! smh People are miserable I tell you.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Yes he is still alive but is he any smarter? Start carrying a gun you dumbass then you don’t get stabbed.

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