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Football teams aren’t the only ones preparing for big game on Sunday

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ATLANTA -- With the NFC Championship getting closer and closer, the crew from FOX6 News is not the only one getting prepared.

"We started setting up yesterday. Today is another day we do rehearsals. Tomorrow and obviously for the big game on Sunday, so it's kind of, just the rebuild portion right now," said Nicole Candela, Senior Producer with Fox Sports.

Candela's job is to make sure the on-field Fox Sports set is ready to go for the game. The Fox crew affectionately calls the set, Eleanor. Why?

Fox Sports crew sets up inside the Georgia Dome

Fox Sports crew sets up inside the Georgia Dome

"It was first debuted, there were quite a few issues with it. So they were always fixing Eleanor. That lined up with the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds." And that took on, with all the issues and trying to fix it, all the time, it took on the name Eleanor due to the car," Candela said.

It only takes about 60 seconds to roll Eleanor onto and off of the field.

"The roof shrinks in and then the whole roof lowers," Candela said.

Candela says efficiency is key -- just like it will be for the Packers come Sunday.

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