“There’s no excuse:” Woman says son with Down syndrome punched by teacher’s aide at MPS school

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee Public Schools employee is accused of hitting a student with special needs, and police are investigating.

FOX6 News was told the incident happened on January 6th, but the student's mother said she was told about it on January 24th.

Police said they're investigating an aggravated battery involving a 62-year-old woman and the 18-year-old student.

Delmonica Young

Delmonica Young

"It`s sad. It`s unexplainable. It's just a whole lot of emotions," Delmonica Young said.

Young said she found out on Tuesday her 18-year-old son who has Down syndrome may have been the victim of abuse at the hands of a teacher's aide. Young said she got a call from the principal at James Madison Academic Campus.

"There`s no excuse. There`s no reason for what she did," Young said.

Delmonica Young's son

Delmonica Young's son

On Wednesday, supporters joined Young at MPS' central office -- demanding more information.

Young said a student in the class recorded video of the teacher's aide striking her son in the face -- a video Young said Wednesday she had yet to view.

James Madison Academic Campus

James Madison Academic Campus

"Nobody is letting me see it," Young said.

Young said this isn't the first time there's been a problem with the aide at the school.

Young said photos document abuse from a similar incident in September of 2015.

Delmonica Young's son

Delmonica Young's son

Delmonica Young's son

Delmonica Young's son

"He said that she had physically assaulted him," Young said.

Delmonica Young and supporters at MPS central office

Delmonica Young and supporters at MPS central office

No action was taken in that case, but Milwaukee police said they're investigating the most recent incident.

A spokeswoman for MPS said: "MPS is cooperating with the police department," calling this "an ongoing personnel matter."

Young said she just wants her son and other students to be safe at school.

"She shouldn`t be working with anyone`s child ever again," Young said.

Young said she is set to meet with those at the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office Thursday, and said she hopes to see the video then.

Police said the MPS employee has been ordered into the district attorney's office in the coming days.


  • Opinion8d

    Regardless of what happened -bringing a Posse of people to ‘confront’ the district about it is absolutely crazy -what is this, Somalia??? Act civilized and handle it the appropriate way!

  • Involved parents

    I am a parent of a student at Madison. To be clear to all (opinion8d) this is just one of many incidents this school does not handle appropriately. Parents are not being informed. Great example is a shooting that took place outside of the school to a student during school hours. I received a call that day from my child that someone was shot at school and to come pick my child up. I called the office immediately and was told there was no shooting. I then went to the school to find a swarm of police and emts on scene. The story was even on the news. I as well as other parents have yet to hear from the school or district office regarding any incident, how it was handled, or to even assure us of the safety of our children. The school wasn’t even put on lock down. So be civilized? How about MPS handle concerns in an appropriate manner and actually work with parents and students instead of ignoring the issues. Right is right and wrong is wrong!

    • Nick

      This is not the first time I have heard of a parent being unhappy about treatment of students at this particular school. You may want to reach out to other parents. I know of one who removed their child.

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