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Free hijabs handed out in Oshkosh on World Hijab Day to increase awareness of Islamic faith

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OSHKOSH -- Those with a number of organizations in the Fox Valley came together Wednesday, February 1st to celebrate the Muslim faith.

It was all a part of "World Hijab Day," which began five years ago in the United States.

Free hijabs were handed out in an effort to spread information about the Islamic faith and the traditional headscarf.

World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day

Students from UW-Oshkosh said the event opened their eyes to the culture.

Event organizers said it's important to clear up misconceptions about the faith.

"There is fear on both sides, some people fear what they don't know, and some people fear for people seeing them as what they are not. We need to balance that out and harmonize," Mamadou Coulibaly, president of the Fox Valley Islamic Society said.

World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day

Organizers said the event was planned weeks before President Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily restricting travel from certain Muslim-majority countries.


  • justsayin

    If the recipients of the scarves would read the Koran and come to know how women are treated under Sharia, they would reject Islam.

  • William Wallace

    Just FYI, hijab is not a part of the faith of Islam…it has never been. it is just a cultural custom of some of the people living in some societies from North Africa to Indonesia and now recently migrated to Europe and North America. The origin of this custom is from Persia during Sassanid dynasty and unfortunately imported in Muslim societies by Abbasid rulers about 200 years after the beginning of Islam…Islam only preached modesty and common sense because Arabs back then were pretty dissolute and promiscuous.

  • Reasonless

    Perhaps they should focus on handing out job applications along with showing them the proper way to fill them out.
    You know…. A skill that these Snowflakes can actually use for the sake of becoming a productive person in society.

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