“This is false:” Radio host accuses Mukwonago High School teachers of teaching white privilege

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MUKWONAGO -- A Milwaukee radio talk show host is accusing Mukwonago High School of teaching students that they have so-called "white privilege." School officials are firing back, and so are students.

"Our school needs to be represented in a positive way," Emily Diderrich, Mukwonago High School senior said.

Emily Diderrich

Emily Diderrich

Diderrich takes pride in her school. She is class president and a student representative to the Mukwonago Area School District School Board, so when she found out her school was being targeted in a negative light, she decided to speak out.

"I was just really confused," Diderrich said.

Vicki McKenna, WISN Radio talk show host accused the AP psychology teachers at the school of teaching students that they have white privilege. She said it was brought to her attention by a parent of the student in the class.

Mukwonago High School

Mukwonago High School

"Only white people can be automatically prejudiced and implicitly biased because only white people have white privilege and that's what the class is teaching," McKenna said.

Vicki McKenna

Vicki McKenna

Vicki McKenna

On her blog, McKenna posted a practice exam question.

"It was taken grossly out of context," Diderrich said.

Diderrich explained, nowhere in the curriculum was white privilege ever mentioned.

Emily Diderrich

Emily Diderrich

"I invite you to look for it, because it`s not in here. I know that was never even taught," Diderrich said.

Instead, Diderrich said it was a lesson on implicit tendencies -- people's habits and behaviors, no matter your race.

Mukwonago Area School District Superintendent Shawn McNulty is also standing by the class -- issuing this statement to FOX6 News:

"On Monday, January 30, 2017, the Mukwonago Area School District administration was informed that a local radio station talk show had identified snapshots of classroom materials as being from a Mukwonago High School course test. The radio host raised concerns about Mukwonago High School allegedly teaching “white privilege” to our students.

This is false. At no time did our instructors teach the concept of “white privilege.”

The course in question is an Advanced Placement Psychology class. As an AP course, the official curriculum for that class is created and certified by the AP College Board. The materials photographed by the high school student were not from any unit or final exam created by Mukwonago High School. The questions were, in fact, practice questions from an accredited psychology textbook resource aligned to the AP College Board curriculum. Students nationwide have the option to use that resource while preparing for the College Board AP Psychology exam.

A tweet also referenced by the radio station was neither from any official AP-sponsored test nor was it from any Mukwonago High School graded exam. The tweet was used as a lesson artifact to bring awareness to students about the different ways society might interpret a complex social issue. Students are expected to know, discuss, and analyze social psychology issues for the AP Psychology course and exam.

The AP Psychology course is one of Mukwonago High School’s most popular classes and is taught by two highly respected instructors. During the 2015-16 school year, 155 students took the AP Psychology course. 94% passed the AP exam with an average score of 4.45, a score well above state and national averages. Such high AP test scores allowed our students to earn collectively a significant number of college credits, saving their families thousands of dollars in tuition. Additionally, numerous graduates have praised the class as being instrumental in preparing them for classes and careers beyond high school.

For more information about the national College Board AP Psychology curriculum and course description, CLICK HERE.

Mukwonago High School

Mukwonago High School

McNulty said the curriculum for the class was created by the AP College Board.

"We`re all supporting these teachers and we`re all supporting what they do," Diderrich said.


  • Opinion8d

    The fact that the term/concept of ‘white privilege’ doesn’t mean that it wasn’t implicitly taught or conveyed. Also, pointing to the fact that the AP curriculum is ‘certified by the AP board’ doesn’t mean that the AP Board doesn’t have a similar agenda! Look at what is being taught/learned now versus 10 or 20 years ago. Are the kids are smarter or do are they just future social justice warriors in training?!?!? Mukwonago tries to appease the manner by how well they are doing or how much money they are saving kids…..funny, if your teaching them to be socialists or communists, and the tests they have to take are made by the same minded people, who cares how well they are doing or how much they are saving -they are simply becoming indoctrinated!!!!

  • Sentinel

    This stuff goes on every day in the government schools. What difference does it make whether the test was practice or real? It’s too bad that the whistle-blowers will be the only people who suffer when all is said and done.

  • Sentinel

    So now we have Sally Kohn tweets being used as “lesson artifacts” at Mukwonago High School. In the context of the Berkeley riots last night (and many more to come), here’s what Sally Kohn tweeted before the election: “My sense is that if Trump wins, Hillary supporters will be sad. If Hillary wins, Trump supporters will be angry. Important difference.”

    These lib teachers are delusional and dangerous.

  • Wendy Lawson

    Why is teaching white privilege a bad thing? I want my children and grandchildren to know it takes centuries to right the wrongs of the past and sometimes they are never made right.

  • J Baumgartner

    Question should be “why was it wrong to teach students about white privilege”? We are blinded by our whiteness and should be learning about white privilege in schools.

    • Sentinel

      I have to agree that you are blinded, but the blinding force is left-wing indoctrination. I don’t know anyone who concludes that all Muslims are bad because a few are violent, and I don’t know anyone who concludes that all Blacks are bad because a few are violent. Yet Mukwonago High School gives that kind of thinking credibility.

  • myopinions

    Its no surprise what these suburban schools are teaching their “white students” this state is very racially segregated. Unfortunately it is true, whites do have special privileges its not a big secret. Why do you think that they discontinued the Chapter 220 programs. They want to keep minority kids at bay, and teach them at minimum.

  • Marshall Keith

    It is no surprise that the paudoscience of psycology and it’s socialist kin sociology has a political agenda. But then look at common core. The modern left controls education. And that should concern everyone.

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