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President Trump’s travel ban kills surgeon’s life-saving trip to Iran

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HOUSTON — A Houston surgeon has cancelled a trip to Iran to perform life-saving surgeries because of uncertainty over the future of President Donald Trump’s refugee and immigration travel ban.

Dr. Alireza (a-lee-REY’-zah) Shamshirsaz (sham-sheer-SAZ’) is an Iranian-born professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He specializes in fetal surgery.

Shamshirsaz tells the Houston Chronicle ( ) he’s already had devastating video chats with two sets of parents who expected him to operate on their unborn children.

A federal court has blocked President Trump’s ban affecting travel to and from Iran and six other Muslim-majority countries. President Trump’s administration is appealing that ruling, and Mr. Trump has promised more action.

Shamshirsaz has a green card but fears he’ll be blocked from coming back to the U.S. if he leaves.


  • rudy

    Hey, Dr. Alireza, why don’t you just move back to your homeland and perform medical procedures on your people full time? Is it because you’d probably only make about 5% of your current US income and not be able to live your current lifestyle?

  • irishcornaire

    Orange man baby wont care if those unborn babies die,he denied his fathers inheritance to his own nephews child who has seizures daily and is suffering from cerebral palsy,man baby is becoming more dangerous and I hope someone takes him out soon or is impeached!

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