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“I can’t remember anything:” Woman arrested following police pursuit that reached speeds of 125 mph

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A wild high-speed chase ends with a woman fleeing from authorities into the woods. A 52-year-old woman from Pennsylvania was arrested Thursday night, February 9th after leading authorities on the 24-mile pursuit. It began on I-94 in Waukesha County and ended in Jefferson County.dashcam

Despite claiming she was on drugs, state troopers attribute the woman's erratic behavior to mental illness. Thankfully, they were able to put a stop to her dangerous escapade -- and it was all caught on tape.

According to officials, the pursuit started shortly before 9:00 p.m., after the woman pulled up behind a Wisconsin State Trooper who was finishing up a traffic stop.

Dashcam footage: "I can't remember anything," the driver says.

It was a frantic cry for assistance.


Dashcam footage: "Ma'am, I'm trying to get you help. I need you to stay in the car," the officer says.

Officials say the woman rapidly stopped just short of striking the rear of the trooper’s cruiser.pursuit

"A female subject approximately 52 years of age, pulled up behind his vehicle in an erratic matter. She appeared to be under the influence," said Lieutenant Nathan Clarke, Wisconsin State Patrol.

The woman claimed to have taken drugs of some type. So, the trooper removed her keys from the vehicle and began to call for help. Instead of waiting,t he woman used a spare set of keys, took off and lead authorities on a chase at speeds up to 125 miles-per-hour. After weaving in and out of traffic, suddenly...

"She just stopped her vehicle on the right shoulder and fled into the woods. A short foot pursuit ensued," said Clarke.

Nathan Clarke

Nathan Clarke

Law enforcement eventually caught her, but the rambling woman was not headed to jail. Blood was drawn to see if drugs were in her system. She was then placed on emergency detention.

"The determination was made even after have a drug recognition expert evaluate her. This was a mental health issues so at that point in time county jail was not the place for her, a mental health facility in Waukesha County was that is where she is residing to get the help she needs," said Clarke.

The State Patrol will consult with the Waukesha County District Attorney's Office for a review of any possible criminal charges.


No one was hurt during the pursuit.


  • EjS

    Is it necessary for cars to reach 125 mph? Why would anyone need to go that fast unless they were being pursued by the police? I don’t understand these care manufacturers. We don’t have the AutoBahn here that has no speed limit, so, what’s the point of the speedometer being able to go over 75?

    • Tom

      There are 80 and 85mph speed limits in the US. At the least, 100mph cut off should be implemented. Not 75 you retard lol wtf And btw, trucks/SUV’s are limited to 100mph in most cases anyways.

  • Sad truth

    My daughter (14 right now) was born with a brain injury. She suffers from blackouts and memory loss, comes out of nowhere ( at any point. Day or night, she comes out of it confused, with no memory of anything she did or said. Has a huge cognitive and comprehension issue and social/ every other Anxiety you can think of. If you saw my child and looked at her, it’s as if she has no issues at all, even had modeling chance with a nice piece of money. We had to decline due to how unstable she was and currently is. Laws in this state concerning Mental Health need to change. People out there need help…kids grow up into ladies like this when not treated or hospitalized properly, when needed. 5-7 day hospital stays and lot’s of meds are considered treatment and several more 5-7 day stays due to Mental breakdowns because medication needs to be “tweeked” as they put it. Good insurance/ bad insurance it don’t matter. I have a PPO with Blue Cross Blue shield.

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