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Number of babies born addicted to opioids, drugs QUADRUPLES in Wisconsin

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MADISON — Wisconsin is seeing an increase in babies born dependent on opioids or other addictive drugs.

The state Department of Health Services says 598 babies were born addicted, known as neonatal abstinence syndrome, or NAS, in 2015. That’s up from 142 in 2006.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports ( the rate of babies born with NAS more than quadrupled during that time, from two cases per 1,000 births to 8.9 cases per 1,000 births.

The data shows the highest rates are in Ashland, Iron and Vilas counties, in northern Wisconsin.

The long-term impact on babies isn’t clear, but short-term consequences are significant. Babies struggle with withdrawal and have seizures, diarrhea, rapid breathing, difficulty feeding and other problems.


    • m

      LOLLLL there are millions of men struggling with addiction everyday..Fortunately they can’t knock themselves up. Don’t you dare call them weak minded. Addiction is a disease, so calling them weak minded is ignorant in itself.

      • polymorph

        The weak minded men are only hurting themselves the weak minded women are doing it while they’re pregnant and hurting the baby. They’re weak minded because they started doing this garbage in the first place.

      • m

        Even with men, they are not only “hurting themselves.” They are not weak minded, and it’s that type of thinking that keeps them in a vicious cycle of addiction. They made mistakes and they need more than just “willpower” to get out from the grips of addiction and the dependency the body requires. They need help. Desperate help. Are you going to judge them or reach out to help them?

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