Day Without Latinos: Hundreds march in Milwaukee “to show the power of the people”

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MILWAUKEE -- On Monday, February 13th, hundreds of Latinos across Wisconsin will be taking part in a "Day Without Latinos."

To prepare, members of Voces de la Frontera passed out fliers on Sunday. They showed up at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church at the corner of 4th and Bruce in Milwaukee with information about the march.

Organizers are encouraging Latinos to refrain from going to work and school, or shopping at stores on Monday.

They'll march in Milwaukee at 11:00 a.m. -- starting at 5th and Wisconsin.

Those with Voces de la Frontera said the "Day Without Latinos" is an effort to "stop Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke from turning his sheriffs into immigration agents."

Voces officials said they're expecting buses filled with supporters from more than 15 cities throughout the state.

"It's very important that we organize. And people from around the state are going to be coming to Milwaukee to show the power of the people and stop certain laws that are going to be put in place," Luz Sosa with Voces de la Frontera said.


  • rocking aunt

    North Dakota introduced an interesting bill the 16th or so of January regarding protesters blocking streets “Proposed laws would crack down on protesters who block roadways” on cnn. They did not cite the proposed Bill #, however.

  • Luke

    These marches and protests are a waste of time. All they do is interfere with normal people who have more important things to do

  • EGK

    Liberal arguments are disingenuous. When “gay marriage” became legal, liberals were saying that it’s “the law of the land”. But they only care about laws when it benefits them. You could sum up the liberal mindset with “Do as I say, not as I do.” They like to hold others to a higher standard than they hold themselves. If we (Americans) are going to obey laws, let’s seek to obey all of them, not just the ones we agree with. If they try to cite previous (unjust) laws that were over turned such as the Jim Crow laws, then they should understand where conservatives are coming from with their desire to defund Planned Parenthood. Taxpayer money going towards the killing of unborn babies is unjust and not right. Let’s stand up and speak for those who truly do not have a voice.

  • Libsareliars

    I’m sure you are Robert. Liberals march in tune with each other whether they agree or not with the cause because they can’t think for themselves. Now go cry in your beer Robert!!


    So am I Robert….as a matter of fact if one day without Latinos is good let’s try a week without Latinos. Wait, let’s go a month…, a year without Latinos. Come to think of it, may as well deport the Illegals for good and get it over with. I’m with you Bob.

  • Pro Libertate

    Please, Make Milwaukee Safe Again, ICE and Sheriff Clarke. We the LEGAL citizens stand with you Sheriff Clarke. If they rally on County property it is the Sheriff’s duty to root out the criminals and send them packing.

    • Don Edano

      its going to be funny when ya’ll cant afford to feed your kids because cost of living will go up. Most of ya”ll are afraid to get your hands dirty and get paid minimum wage if I’m not mistaking. Its pathetic to think an immigrant is going to take your job. Tell ICE you help you and your kids when your starving.

    • mkenorthshore

      Furthermore, does anyone know if Voces de la Frontera is a 501(c)(3) organization? Is it true that their tax-exempt status could be pulled because of their overt political activities?

  • Menomonie Home

    I live in a neighborhood of spanish with German mix.. and we all got in our cars this morning at 5:45am and waved as we went to work.. Hospitals cafes offices police departments EMT’s and retail.. mmm.. wonder what stores that are owned by the Latos are closed solid today to march with his.. will have to take a stop at El Rey and see if they are open this afternoon.. bet they are… a day without.. mm.. close the hospitals and clinics and cafes and say sorry we are not working because just because. see what happens..

  • this one

    You got me at “hundreds”, because if I were illegal I would be at an advertised centralized location risking being deported. Which specific Latinos are complaining, Mexican, Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Ricans, anyone south of Mexico?? Not all Latinos or Hispanics need or have green cards.

  • Conner Mills

    Hello charles you richy rich the richest retard you are the most klugiest jap ever to snap his trap in here ya recon HFG checked and reckoned and he isn’t pleezd.- SNEEZ 20911 u rnt any professor u tard ur stratagy sux ass hard head funk uuuuu- MS KK August 26 Nachteen skortyUN

  • Adam

    How are they going to display their “power?” Are they not going to provide lawn service in the middle of February?

    • Menomonie Home

      Latins from all over the state. to march.. some one shout Green Card review and watch them run… and they are not marching in their own cities of interest but Milwaukee.. really just one city in Wisconsin you have to come to.. for what real reason… funny how so many of our families all had to be documented and proven connected to good work and family to come here…Lateiner aus dem ganzen Land. Zu märz .. jemand schreit Green Card Überprüfung und beobachten sie laufen … und sie sind nicht marschieren in ihren eigenen Städten von Interesse, sondern Milwaukee .. wirklich nur eine Stadt in Wisconsin müssen Sie zu kommen .. aus welchem ​​wirklichen Grund. Aufrechtzuerhalten.

  • P Mraz

    Seems they have one of these days every year. Different reasons but is always called the same thing, A Day Without Latinos. Pick a topic and stick with it. No one wants to get rid of immigrants or refugees, but dealing with illegals who are criminals that is a different story

  • Charles.

    yes Conner, you hide behind cowardice, I bet you don’t have the guts to take on the first Latin you find at work and bubble your sorry, miserable opinion for fear of a response!! hahaha. Keep on hiding like a little girl.

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