Police ramp up efforts to stop aggressive driving by writing more speeding tickets

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BLUE MOUNDS, Wis. — Police across Wisconsin have ramped up efforts to stop aggressive driving by writing more speeding tickets.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that the strategy is appearing to work, as citations increased nearly 7 percent to more than 172,000 in 2015. Before then, speeding convictions had dropped 34.5 percent in eight years to just more than 161,000 in 2014.

The newspaper analyzed about 450,000 speeding convictions from 2013 to 2015. During that period, nearly 1,600 motorists were convicted of driving at least 100 mph on Wisconsin roads. Some of them were stopped in speed zones as low as 30 mph.

Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney said speeding drivers have a lot in common with drunken and distracted drivers in how they drive and create many similar road dangers.


  • Opinion8d

    It’s all about the revenue stream -not about aggressive driving. You want to stop aggressive driving, issue tickets or at least pull over those that impede traffic, fail to keep right, or those driving while texting……

  • bydesign001

    New York City’s Commie mayor, Bill de Blasio lowered the speed limit to 25 mph throughout the City of New York, switched up on some of the traffic and parking signs and sends his ticket agents out 35 minutes before alternate side of the street parking to write tickets.

    The only thing that has happened is that it has become a successful revenue stream for the City of New York and increased the motor vehicle accidents.

    Did I mention that since NYC is a sanctuary city, many of the offenders are illegal, drive around photographs of someone else’s driver’s license which means illegals skirt these laws and disappear into the night, Americans not so much.

  • Metal Maniac

    People drive what the road allows for. If it is designed like a highway but the sign (for political reasons) says 25 you bet your top dollar people will drive 55. Reasonable speed limits should reflect what people actually drive on a given road.

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