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Group gathers, demands Speaker Paul Ryan host town hall on immigration concerns

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RACINE -- Pro immigration groups gathered outside of House Speaker Paul Ryan's Racine office Friday, February 17th demanding he host a town hall to talk about what his plans are to protect undocumented immigrants under President Donald Trump's administration.rally3

The lead organization behind the demand is the Voces De La Frontera chapter in Racine. They sang songs and shared their concerns over future immigration policies, hoping one of the most powerful men in the country is listening.

"I hope he's listening," said Valeria Ruiz, Voces De La Frontera.

Valeria Ruiz

Valeria Ruiz

Supporters hand delivered a letter demanding Speaker Ryan host a town hall to discuss immigration and those that are covered under former President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.

"We presented a letter to Paul Ryan demanding two things: that he protect DACA and DACA recipients, and that he hold a town hall meeting that will include teachers, students, community members, leaders and most important, his constituents," said Ruiz.

Speaker Ryan has stated that he is in favor of immigration reform but he is also in favor of securing the U.S. border.rally2

Valeria Ruiz says there is fear immigrant families will be torn apart. In her family, only her nine-year-old sister is a U.S. citizen. She says her family has now come up with a plan if they are deported.

"It breaks my heart because my dad could be stuck in a raid coming home," said Ruiz.rally6

A spokesperson for Ryan released the following statement:

"Paul appreciates hearing the opinions and feedback of his constituents, and he fully respects their right to voice their concerns. Our office does not currently have any town hall meetings scheduled. That said, information regarding any future town hall meetings will be posted on Additionally, constituents of the First District can visit Paul’s website to share their thoughts with him directly.”

"All we can do is put pressure on him," said Ruiz.

The group did address Friday's Associated Press report stating the Department of Homeland Security would mobilize up to 1,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal immigrants.

White House Spokesman Sean Spicer denied the report saying there is no effort at all to use the National Guard in that way.


  • deleted again

    American rights first!! Illegals don’t have American rights. House Speaker Ryan works for the American citizens not criminals.

  • Opinion8d

    What makes them so special that they should be granted a pass when breaking the law!?!? Paul Ryan, like everyone else in public office, take an oath to uphold the laws -ALL of them. They don’t get to choose. Should people be allowed to not pay taxes….and if they get away with it for a few years, is it okay then. I mean, you can’t expect them to pay -think of the hardship in coming up with that money, the interest. Tear the family apart for not paying taxes??? If they want to stay, full citizenship is not an option -no right to votes for 10 years at least and certain benefits should be limited. Take it or leave…..

  • USA

    Round them up and send them back home. DACA was the brain child of that last loser president who was long on words and short on action.


    Lot of DEMANDING going on these days…..We Demand you have a meeting that we can interrupt and shout you down at. Real intelligent people.

  • Damien Thorne

    Hey if you have been here long enough to have an anchor baby sister, you have had plenty of opportunity to get a legal green card as does the rest of your family. I pay taxes, do you? Paul Ryan works for Legal US Citizens that pay taxes and vote. As an admitted undocumented person none of you can vote or pay taxes legally. You also consume other resources in our cities, hospitals, and other public services that the rest of us legal citizens pay for. Stop being a burden on the community. Do what you can to get legal status and then you can make demands.

  • Chucky2

    I would think a simple non-hostile letter to Paul Ryan would be appropriate. Why the Town Hall meeting, to act like a violent mob and yell one-sided demands at Ryan? Also, this very small group of people are illegal aliens and they really don’t have the rights of a US citizen to such meetings. If you are that unhappy, make a run for the border and go home.

    • Opinion8d

      They want the meetings so they can get the press coverage. Then the media can spin the narrative that people are against Trump. It’s such bs -the people spoke loud and clear in November!! For the first time ever, I reached out to both Senators and my Representative via email and told them that I support Trump and his agenda and they should too!!

  • Huh !

    Stop saying Undocumented Immigrants, They are Illegal Aliens and their children born here are just documented !
    Almost all the Birthright Countries, are third world countries and then there is the U.S…….Birthright Citizenship was not intended for every baby born here, it was to give the freed slaves and their children born here citizenship (look it up)!!!
    Most DACA recipients never attempted a legal entry or any method of properly documenting their stay here until the real threat of deportation !

  • Anderson

    What Paul Ryan is saying “he is to important to meet with his constituents” he do not work for them he is his own boss and he will do as he please. Ryan has gotten to big headed and believes that he calls his own shots and what ever he decides to do that is what he will do. Kinda of sad that this man is disrespecting the people who voted for him and put him in office, but now that he has been elected and confirm as the republican house speaker he believes that he cannot be touched. Somewhere this guy has gotten lost he has forgotten he works for the people and he is suppose to do a job they hired him to do. Well now his constituents see the real Paul Ryan the greedy powerful monster he has turned into. He know longer has to wear that mask with the look of a sorrowful face, with tears running down his cheeks that soft spoken voice who pledge himself to the people to honor and respect them to listen to them and work for them. Nope, he how is in the elite club with McConnell high on the hog and they make the big decision and they keep every congress and senate men and women in line. McConnell and Ryan assure them that they have nothing to worry about because they will get reelected into office that fix is in and they each will receive dark money to keep them in office as long as they obey vote as instructed and speak the and put out the same message they will be take care of. So not one of the republican senators sitting in congress and senate are paying their constituents any attention they are listening to McConnell and Ryan. They will vote to overturn ACA, they will cut social security and all other benefits for the American people. It will not affect them because they stand to make millions and some billions off the decisions they are making on their own behalf. Sorry my American people you have been deceived.

  • Anderson

    The comments I have read are basically the same Paul Ryan dark money is paying off for him and he is being protected this is why he is so up in the air and not paying any attention to what his constituents want him to do. He should meet with his constituents listen to what they have to say. Whether or not he agree with them. He own his constituents that much.

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