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More than 300 guns seized in Milwaukee so far in 2017: “Look what our officers are up against”

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MILWAUKEE -- Sawed-off shotguns, Glocks and assault rifles are just some of the weapons taken off the streets of Milwaukee so far in 2017. Just two months into the year, Milwaukee police have seized hundreds of guns. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Sunday, February 19th praised officers for their work, while asking legislators for help.

Mayor Barrett said Sunday officers are seizing more weapons with less government funding.

In 2016, MPD seized more than 2,400 guns. In 2017, they're seizing about seven guns per day -- 337 total since the start of the year.

Guns seized in Milwaukee in 2017

Guns seized in Milwaukee in 2017

Mayor Barrett applauded the Milwaukee Police Department Sunday for their work in getting guns off the streets. He showed all of us what Milwaukee police officers are up against every day.

On display during Mayor Barrett's news conference Sunday were more than a dozen weapons -- from AR-15s to Glocks to .9mm guns and sawed-off shotguns. One of the weapons had an extender that holds 50 rounds.

"It is not uncommon for these police officers and other police officers to face this when they're out on their daily patrols and their nightly patrols," Barrett said.

Mayor Barrett said at times, Milwaukee police officers are out-gunned. Recently, officers from District 7 arrested a felon for possession of a firearm.

"The officers performed a traffic stop and a passenger in the car had a loaded AR-15 assault rifle. I'm here today because I want to say 'thank you.' I want to say 'thank you' to all four of these officers and the other 1,800-plus officers who risk their lives every single day to make this community safer. Look what they're up against. This is something you wouldn't want your son or daughter to have to face in their job. It's about getting home to your family, and obviously that's always in the backs of our heads. I want you to know the sacrifices and the dangers that these police officers place themselves in, making sure that this is a safe city," Barrett said.

Guns seized in Milwaukee in 2017

Guns seized in Milwaukee in 2017

Barrett is calling for legislation and increased funding to help police. The city's police budget is $300 million.

"We need everyone involved in this to have a sense of urgency to deal with this problem," Barrett said.

Guns seized in Milwaukee in 2017

Guns seized in Milwaukee in 2017

Using data from the University of Chicago, Mayor Barrett compared Milwaukee to major U.S. cities and said the statistics show officers are getting more guns off the streets per capita in Milwaukee than in New York and Philadelphia.

Guns seized in Milwaukee in 2017

Guns seized in Milwaukee in 2017

"Do we have too many guns on the streets? The answer to that is clearly 'yes,' and we know that and that's where we need help," Barrett said.

Barrett also said he supports bipartisan legislation that would make it a felony for anyone who has had three misdemeanor convictions to own a gun.



  • Requesting accountability

    I do hope that we mke use all aspects of federal government to help stem the influx of firearms. We do need full court !

  • Opinion8d

    Just another distraction from the real story – CRIMINAL with guns and they get let off easy!!! If the Mayor was so concerned, he would be standing up for Officers involved in shootings. Hypocrite!!!!

  • justsayin

    Lets see. Tom is ok with Milwaukee County harboring criminals (sanctuary city) but along with Flynn, wants gun control legislation to remove weapons from law abiding citizens. The guns in his parade came from criminals, and I doubt they’ll be properly punished for their crimes. Tom is one step away from competing with Chicago for highest number of shootings per year.

  • Truth Seeker

    Wadda Joke! Like this is going to stop crime. This cream puff mayor should be removed from office, useless. Another reason to leave Milwaukee!

  • deleted again

    More than 300 hundred guns seized but how many arrests? They only mention two stops. A loaded AR 15 in a car sounds illegal to me. How many convicts were in possession of these guns?
    I forgot……criminals don’t shoot people , guns do.

  • Angry Blk man

    Crime and punishment! Not in Wisconsin. Unless your a Woman in front of these liberal judges we have in this state. I received life sentence just getting a divorce in this state. If I was a gun toting criminal, I would get a second and third chance life from the. Courts

  • Mr

    I have more guns then that. None of my guns ever killed anybody. If some dumb criminal got ahold of them it would be different story. But, I would shoot a punk before he gets my weapon.

  • WritesOnParade

    Look at all the comments by people who care more about making fun of the Mayor than the lives of our officers. All of you pansies in rural areas have no clue what life is like for people in dangerous parts of the city and want to do everything in your power to keep putting our officers in danger. Milwaukee has hundreds of thousands of people, which you people sitting in your 3,000 person communities can’t understand. You think the courts let people off easy when you have never stepped foot in a Milwaukee county courtroom. Just because there are only 5 criminals in your town doesn’t mean it’s the same in Milwaukee.

    • Gary Hamilton

      Your comment makes no sense at all. The reason people are complaining about Barrett is because he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He is so far left he panders to the criminal element just like our far left judicial system. Whenever this Mayor and police chief get the chance they throw our brave men and women in blue under the bus to satisfy the liberals. You complain people in outer communities complaining about Barrett. The reason for that is because they pay $6000 and above in property taxes to pay for Barrett foolishness, yet they aren’t able to vote him out in the elections because they live in Milwaukee County, not the city of Milwaukee. Why do you think Milwaukee police officers fought so hard to take up residence out of the city of Milwaukee. It is because they see how this idiot runs our city. I’m sure my comment will be deleted because it offends the far left.

    • Libsareliars

      The only pansies are people like Barrett and Flynn who hold news conferences telling everyone how terrible it is with all the shootings yet don’t do anything to solve it. This is how liberals run their cities.

  • Andy G

    Did any cops get shot from any of the 300 guns seized? NO not one, but this phony mayor would have you believe that every gun is aimed at a cop, just more b.s. I lived in Milwaukee for 32 yrs. and my guns never shot anyone, and no one that I know was shot by a gun in Milwaukee. Guns are not the criminal, put David Clarke incharge he is for real, and knows how to get thing done.

  • Tom Trolley

    Tommy are you off your trolley again?This is an annual announcement you make-it’s nothing new. The people in your run down crime ridden city are sick of seeing your talk shows. How about some action shows? You really suck at your job that I help pay for!!!

  • Bob

    Love the old SKS with the bayonet! I guess when the gang-gangers run out of bullets they’re planning a bayonet charge?

  • Robert G

    Obviously the counts need to do a better job of keeping the criminals in jail where they can’t get near any guns.

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