Lawyer for Kenosha transgender student who won lawsuit: Revocation of federal guidance won’t impact case

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Ash Whitaker

MADISON — A lawyer for a transgender student in Wisconsin who won a lawsuit against his school says revocation of federal guidance related to bathroom use would not impact his case.

In September, a federal judge ordered Tremper High School in Kenosha to allow senior Ashton Whitaker to use the boys’ bathroom.

His attorney, Ilona Turner, said Wednesday, February 22nd the court’s ruling relied on cases showing it is unlawful to discriminate against transgender people, not on guidance issued by former President Barack Obama’s administration. President Donald Trump plans to revoke Obama’s guidance.

Tremper High School is appealing Whitaker’s victory. The appeal will be heard the day after the Supreme Court hears the case of Gavin Grimm, a transgender student from Virginia.

The school’s spokeswoman and lawyer did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


  • Opinion8d

    She’s a girl who is a tom-boy with a strong mental disorder that makes her think she needs to be recognized and accepted as a boy.

  • deleted again

    She is not being discriminated against. She can use the rest room just like the rest of the people. This shouldn’t even be an issue. If she is uncomfortable using a certain rest room it’s on her shoulders not the rest of society.
    If she would have kept her mouth shut and walked in the rest room of her choice nothing would have been said but she feels she has to “come out” of the closet.

  • MissTerie

    She’s an XX chromosome, and that’s the cold hard fact. She WISHES to be an XY. But she wasn’t born with it.

  • When you're an adult, you can choose your gender.

    So, to “protect” YOUR rights, so many others have to have their rights trampled on? Mom is teaching him/her a horrible lesson in life…. that the world revolves around you and no one else matters. Ash has a great future doing nothing of importance….. unless he/she gives up this silly cr@p and starts acting like an adult…. whatever gender adult that is.
    No kid should have to suffer the opposite gender coming into their bathroom simply because the person is confused about who they are.

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