Busted: 10 in custody, 11 charged for allegedly distributing $1M worth of heroin

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FOND DU LAC COUNTY -- Ten individuals are in custody, with 11 individuals charged in Fond du Lac County with various drug related offenses within Fond du Lac County and Winnebago County.

The following people are in custody:

  • Allen Ferguson
  • Jodi Hafermann
  • Keana Cousin
  • Nathan Ziegler
  • Richard Ferguson
  • Robert Olson
  • Shequazia Robertson
  • Travis Kind
  • Wendy Scheel
Top row: Robert Olson, Richard Ferguson, Wendy Scheel, Travis Kind, Shequazia Robertson Bottom row: Allen Ferguson,  Jodi Hafermann, Keana Cousin, Nathan Ziegler, Jody Wegener

Top row: Robert Olson, Richard Ferguson, Wendy Scheel, Travis Kind, Shequazia Robertson
Bottom row: Allen Ferguson, Jodi Hafermann, Keana Cousin, Nathan Ziegler, Jody Wegener


The allegations state that approximately 7,000 grams (15.4 pounds) of heroin, with a street value of more than $1 million were distributed between March 2015 and February 2017.


"The quantities of heroin that we alleged to be involved in this investigation show that this was a significant source of drug trafficking into the City of Fond du Lac and our region in general," said William Lamb, Fond du Lac police chief.

Again, one of the suspects remains out of custody. She is Jody Wegener. Investigators hope the public can help find her -- and tie up this loose end.

Jody Wegener

This investigation began in August 2016 after the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office performed a traffic stop that resulted in the seizure of more than 100 grams of heroin. The investigation led to numerous additional arrests and the seizure of drugs and money. It was turned over to the MEG Unit and City of Fond du Lac Police Department. Throughout this investigation, more than 150 grams of heroin, seven grams of crack cocaine, firearms, and thousands of dollars in cash were seized.


"Witness interviews, informant interviews, sometimes undercover statements that defendants will make while we're doing undercover operations against them that are sort of telling us how much they are bringing in versus what we seize," said Brad Dunlap of the Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG).

Officials said the arrests amount to more than just a dent in the drugs trafficked from Chicago.

Dennis Krueger, Fond du Lac County Deputy District Attorney

Dennis Krueger, Fond du Lac County Deputy District Attorney

"One of the dealers claimed, again this is an allegation, that he had to reduce the amount he was buying because he couldn't sell it because people realized there was a shortness in supply, and began actually going to get help," said Dennis Krueger, Fond du Lac County deputy district attorney.

Heroin is often sold to users in .1 gram bindle increments, at a cost of $20 to $40. The heroin seized throughout this investigation represents approximately 1,500 bindles and has a street value of $30,000 to $60,000.


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    If they’re white, they may not even see jail time. Which they most likely are since no photos were shown. … dumbass

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    They should double down on these killers. Time to have a good ole western hanging, popcorn and refreshments welcome.


      I hope and pray that these that are caught, and the others that need to get caught get life w/o parole. They are the “poison” that kills our society due to their selfishness. -What do they get out of it? Are they running around in nice cars/nice clothes/fancy houses??? No they use that money so they can get more cigs and booze. They all look like (To quote “voice of reason”-LOSERS – as well as lowlifes which what they are..) They are equally if not worse as horrible as the person who kills directly as most of these inner city thugs that kill EACH OTHER! WHITE LIVES MATTER!!!!
      This herion epidemic is getting out of control!!!! Time to stop it- (HEY VOICE OF REASON WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT -BESIDES BEING A JAG!!!)


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      No Worries…. -OBAMA is running with the rich and famous now and doesn’t care anymore-as if he did when in office-but he had to do what he “was told to do” and keep the Dem party proud. Like the puppet he was. AND HE WAS.

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    Good job-no deals if they squeal either. Let them squeal and get some more. Lock them up and throw away the key. There is one small good side-the one seller couldn’t sell because his addicts were seeking help. I hope they find it and stay clean.

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