Policies or politics? MPS teacher threatens legal action following her suspension

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James Madison Academic Campus

MILWAUKEE -- A suspended Milwaukee Public Schools teacher says she's out of the job because of politics. Aisha Carr says she's officially on the bench after violating the school district's field trip policies -- but Carr believes there's another reason she's not welcome at work.

Carr says her suspension from school is indefinite. She says she did nothing wrong and is now considering legal action.

It was a big field trip to city hall for a youth summit last month.

"They talked about racial disparities, mass incarceration, organizing," said Carr.

Carr was bringing students from her class, "comparative ethnic studies," it's an elective for ninth through 12th graders at James Madison Academic Campus. The night before, she asked the students to meet to practice their speeches.

Aisha Carr

"This was after school. This was not school related, it was practice after school. That's where I was told I went wrong," said Carr.

In a statement from an MPS spokeswoman, the district explains why Carr is now suspended from her job without pay.

"Generally speaking, suspensions without pay are issued only after a serious violation of board policy or procedure has been substantiated."

"I cannot see any error that was made on my end," said Carr.

Aisha Carr

Carr says there are other reasons she's out of a job.

"It only became a problem when I declared for a politic seat. That's it," Carr said.

As a candidate for MPS' District 4 School Board seat, Carr says there's been backlash to a mailer sent to voters recently that appears to show Superintendent Darienne Driver's endorsement -- something she says she didn't authorize.

"To be honest, I haven't even seen the mailer," Carr said.

Carr says there are also some at MPS who don't like her curriculum -- dubbed the "Black Lives Matter" class, even though the district approved the course last year.

"People are not comfortable with being presented with their, or being confronted by implicit biases," said Carr.

Now Carr is mounting another campaign: one to get her job back.

James Madison Academic Campus

FOX6 Reporter Bret Lemoine: "Will there be a legal challenge to this?"

Carr: "Oh yes. Absolutely. It's not fair."

MPS has previously said the superintendent does not endorse candidates running for political office. FOX6 also reached out to incumbent Annie Woodward, who Carr is challenging in the election. We never heard back.