Faith leaders in SE WI say Pres. Trump’s refugee ban impacting how they practice their religion

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MILWAUKEE -- More than 100 pastors and faith leaders in SE Wisconsin said President Donald Trump's refugee ban is affecting how they practice their religion.

"I think we have a calling that comes from scripture that's very clear -- to welcome refugees and strangers. That has been born out in our lived experience," Paul Erickson, bishop, Greater Milwaukee Synod said.

Members of the Greater Milwaukee Synod gathered outside Senator Ron Johnson's office Monday, March 20th, asking him to help put a stop to President Trump's refugee ban, but not the immigration portion.

They said they do support proper vetting of refugees, which is already happening under existing law.

President Trump has long said his goal is to keep America safe, and the refugee ban is an important part of that.

The ban was blocked by a federal judge on Thursday, March 16th. President Trump addressed it during a rally that same day.

"We're going to win. We're going to keep our citizens safe," President Trump said.

The ban will most likely wind up in front of the Supreme Court, and it's still unclear whether Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed by that point.