“Record-setting year:” Summerfest’s 50th halfway through its 11-day run

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MILWAUKEE -- It's hard to believe Summerfest is halfway through its 11-day run! On Tuesday, July 4th, Fourth of July decorations were up, and the second half of the festival got off to a great start.

Summerfest took the traditional one-day off on Monday, but if it were up to Sandra Wicker, she'd rather the festival power through.

"I won't be here for the 100th, so I'm definitely coming to the 50th," said Wicker.

Wicker is a Summerfest fanatic, who dedicated her Fourth of July holiday to live music. She's also rocking all 11 days.

FOX6's Jonathan Gregg: "That's got to take a lot out of you?"

Wicker: "Nah!"

Another thing Summerfest fans were indulging in on the Fourth of July: day drinking.


FOX6's Jonathan Gregg: "It's so loud, how do you hear the order?"


Server: "They point."

And if they drink all day, they can probably only point at the end of the day anyways!

"Or they yell it," said the server.

If you spill on yourself, Brew City Promotions has you covered.


FOX6's Jonathan Gregg: "Do you know what the most popular shirt is right now?"

"It's the one I'm wearing! It sells a lot because I'm wearing it. Then we've got the old-fashioned and anything with a cat on it," Dafne Rojas said.

As of Tuesday, Summerfest's 50th was halfway over, but for some, the fun was just beginning. And the weather was perfect on day #6!

"It's great. I think we're going to have a record-setting year," said a Summerfest attendee.


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