Thieves arrive in stolen vehicle, steal SUV from Greenfield dealership, nearly hit police squad on way out

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GREENFIELD -- Two teenagers are in custody following a pair of early morning break-ins Wednesday, July 5th. Greenfield police say a group of at least five suspects stole a car from a dealership, nearly hitting a police squad as they peeled out of the parking lot. Police say they also targeted a rental car place nearby. At least three more suspects are being sought.

The thieves broke into the Braeger Ford Auto Dealership located on 27th Street near Cold Spring Road and took an SUV -- but they didn't get far with it -- nor did they get far with the stolen car they used to get there.

Dashcam video shows some of the suspects nearly hitting one police car as they peeled out of the dealership Wednesday morning.

Police said around 5:30 a.m., at least five suspects broke a window to get into the dealership, taking an SUV.



"We were able to deploy stop sticks in front of that car, right nearby the business and bring that vehicle to a halt before it began to flee," said Detective Sgt. Eric Lindstorm.

Police arrested one of the suspects nearby as he tried to run off. Those inside the SUV got away on foot.

Police say he maroon car the thieves took to the dealership was reported stolen out of Waukesha. Responding officers gave chase but dropped the pursuit as speeds reached up to 100 miles-per-hour.

Car stolen out of Waukesha, used in Greenfield auto dealership theft

Car stolen out of Waukesha, used in Greenfield auto dealership theft

A short time later, the car crashed in Greendale. Police arrested one of the people in that car.

Police said the two suspects in custody are teenage boys, 16 and 17-years-old.

"We believe all of the people involved are mid to late teenagers," said Lindstrom.

Police said the suspects also broke into the Enterprise Rent-A-Car on 27th Street, but they did not get anything.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Management at Braeger Ford declined to comment Wednesday. The Auto Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee (ADAMM) recommends members lock up all the keys in the dealership, and block the entrances when they close.

"Putting in a large -- might be a plow vehicle or utility vehicle used around the dealership at those points -- it becomes much, much more difficult (for criminals)," said ADAMM President Jim Tolkan.

Tolkan said this type of crime has been a problem for members in recent years.

"This definitely does fit the mold of all of the other car dealership break-ins that have happened over the last few years and it's unfortunate that these businesses have to keep suffering at the hands of the juveniles," said Lindstorm.

Police said They are looking for at least three more suspects. They're still working to determine whether the teens are connected to any other stolen car cases.