“Keep the pills up:” Death of 3-year-old Milwaukee child attributed to opioids

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MILWAUKEE — A toxicology report came back and Milwaukee authorities say the recent death of a three-year-old De-Anthony D. Lindsey was due to an opioid overdose.

"It still hurts," Lindsey's grandfather, Alonzo Robinson said.

Lindsey's grandfather, Alonzo Robinson wants to see change

While the death is heartbreaking family members and officials stress that it is preventable.

Robinson said to, "keep the pills up, keep them away from the kids."

He continues to mourn after his grandson Lindsey died from an 'acute hydrocodone intoxication' on June 4.

"Just coping and dealing that's all," Robinson said.

Somehow the child was exposed to the drug. An unfortunate incident the Medical Examiner's Office said happens too often.

"We have seen an increase in the number of children in the last few years," Forensic Technical Director Sara Schreiber said. "We don't like having to work on children in this capacity but it does shed light that this is a growing problem these opioids are available in homes."

Opiod overdose

From prescription painkillers to heroin, fentanyls and illegal drugs, the Medical Examiner's office is struggling to keep up with cases involving the opioid epidemic.

Schreiber said, "we've seen so far this year projected to surpass the number from last year which were 340 plus."

Prevention and education about these drugs are vital.

"I'm trying hold back tears now just thinking about it," neighbor Jeremiah Robinson said.

As friends and loved ones feel the pain of the consequences of careless actions...

De-Anthony D. Lindsey died of an opioid overdose

Jeremiah said, "knowing that was a life ahead of him it was very sad."

They encourage folks to be responsible,

"Keep an eye on them at all times cause it can only take a second for them to take the wrong thing, that can be it - be their life," Lindsey's grandfather said.

Lindsey is the third child this year to die of an opioid overdose. He is the eighth child to die of an opioid overdose in less than two years in Milwaukee County.

the Medical Examiner's office said all of those were related to prescription opioid exposure.