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We Energies update: Flooded substation knocks out power to parts of Burlington

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BURLINGTON — Flood waters knocked out power from electrical substation in Burlington Wednesday July 12th.

We Energies has re-routed power to get as many customers back in service as possible.

According to a recent We Energies press release, they are now working to get power back to the remaining 4,900 customers who are without service. Until the flood waters recede from the substation, they are unable to re-energize their system.

They’re bringing mobile transformers to the scene, and expect to get those installed and operating by early afternoon on Friday July 14. By that time, they are anticipating all homes and businesses in the area to have their electric service restored.

We Energies say their substation takes electricity from high-voltage transmission wires to a lower voltage for customers in the area. When flooded, the substation cannot deliver electricity to the wires that serve these customers. The water in the substation damages equipment that must be repaired or replaced when the water subsides. The mobile transformers being connected are part of a complex process to change the way power is delivered to customers in the affected area.

We Energies continue to advise extreme caution in flooded basements. If your home is flooded, call 800-662-4797 to disconnect power and natural gas service. The We Energies website also has information on outage safety.

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