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Brady Street will be rockin’ the night and day away with 4 stages packed with live entertainment

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MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning previewing the Brady Street Festival.  Brady Street Festival is on Saturday, July 29th from 11 a.m. to midnight! Brady Street will be rocking the night and day away with four stages packed with live entertainment.

About Brady Street (website)

Brady Street is an ethnically diverse community near downtown Milwaukee and within easy walking distance to the shore of lake Michigan.

First named in 1840, Brady Street is an architectural tapestry of buildings mostly constructed between 1860 and 1930, creating a distinctive neighborhood that was home to early Polish, German and Irish immigrants. In the 1930's it became more predominantly Italian; some of the businesses still bear the names of these pioneering Italian families today.

In the 1960s, Brady Street became Milwaukee's very own "Haight-Ashbury" complete with flower children, peace and love, underground political publications and the infamous hippiefest known as Brady Street Days.

Today it is still known for its diversity with a unique mix of specialty shops, ethnic cuisine, cool coffee shops, chic salons and a vibrant nightlife.

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