Savor the new flavors: Milwaukee Bucks Milk House is back for another year!

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Milk from the Milwaukee Bucks Milk House presented by Prairie Farms

WEST ALLIS — It’s a staple of the Wisconsin State Fair — and it’s back for another year with two new flavors!

The Milwaukee Bucks Milk House presented by Prairie Farms Dairy opens for business on Thursday, August 3rd. When you walk up to the stand, you’ll be able to purchase eight-ounce cups of milk for just 50 cents.

This year’s Bucks Milk House will feature five of Prairie Farms Dairy’s tasty flavors (cast a vote in our poll just below):

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Root Beer
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter – NEW!
  • Sea Salt Caramel – NEW!

The Milwaukee Bucks Milk House will be located at Main Street and South Grandstand Avenue.

More than 160,000 cups of delicious Prairie Farms Dairy flavored milk are sold annually as fair goers quench their thirst with the Dairy State’s healthy and refreshing drink.