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“If it’s on a stick, I’ll try it:” Food the big attraction for many at the Wisconsin State Fair

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WEST ALLIS -- There was a big turnout Saturday, August 5th -- day three of the Wisconsin State Fair!

The Wisconsin State Fair is a summer tradition young and old look forward to each year.

"Lotta laughs. Lotta talking. Lotta walking," Lou Larsen said.

Lou Larsen

Wisconsin State Fair

On Saturday, Larsen and his four-year-old daughter MaryLou joined the tens of thousands of people at the fair.

"Oh, the kids love the animals," Larsen said.

The main attraction for Monique Malitz was the Milwaukee Bucks Milk House.

"That's our favorite thing. They always have different flavored milks. So traditionally, it's always the root beer milk, the strawberry and then the chocolate. I know they have a few new flavors this year. We always go for the root beer milk. We love that," Malitz said.

Wisconsin State Fair

Wisconsin State Fair

For many, the fair is all about the food!

"I like almost anything that's deep friend. If it's on a stick, I'll try it," Sri Kodali said.

Wisconsin State Fair

Wisconsin State Fair

Wisconsin State Fair

Sri Kodali

Kodali, a UW student, has been coming to the fair with his family for eight years. They couldn't make it this year.

"They're at a tennis tournament, basically, out of town and I'm like, 'I gotta go.' So we got in the car (Friday) and now we're here we are," Kodali said.

Instead of hanging out with his family, he showed his friends what the hype was all about.

"With the big Ferris wheel this year, it's going be nice to see how far can we actually see," Kodali said.

Wisconsin State Fair

Wisconsin State Fair

Meanwhile, back on the ground, Corey Richards said his favorite part of the fair isn't something you can buy or ride. It's the atmosphere that keeps him coming back year after year.

"Lot of people watching. Different people, which makes it all unique. You see a different variety of people," Richards said.

Between 800,000 and one million people are expected to come to the fair over the course of its 11-day run.

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