Traditional and modern dishes: For 10 years, Ouzo Cafe has been serving Greek food in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- We are so lucky to live in an area with so many amazing food options. Diverse dishes served by local restaurants on the cutting edge of the culinary world to restaurants that deliver the most authentic cuisine. Brian Kramp has introduced us to some of the most unique food items Milwaukee has to offer. This time, head went downtown to a hot spot that has a flare for Mediterranean cuisine and family tradition.

About Ouzo Cafe (website)

When our parents and grandparents made their journey from Greece to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they brought the old country with them – the traditions, music, recipes, and yes, the Ouzo. Our family cherishes their heritage and culture, and we inspire our children with it.

Being Greek means eating Greek. Eating Greek means being able to taste, smell, see and maybe even hearl all the love that goes into the wonderful dishes of Greece.

Ouzo is not just a Greek aperitif, it symbolizes the spirit of Greek life which always involves foods made from the freshest ingredients with all the cook’s love.

The sharing of food whenever family or friends gather is typical of the Greek way of life. The meal begins with Ouzo and a communal course of meze – small plates containing various kinds of cold and hot foods from cheese, olives and spreads to spinach pie, lamb and dolmades.

At Ouzo Cafe you’ll be able to share in all the best that represents the Greek way of life as if you were a member of our family. Let Ouzo be the celebration of life.

Welcome to Ouzo Cafe, celebrating its tenth year of bringing Milwaukee the finest possible Greek food, both traditional and modern.