“He’s a fugitive:” U.S. Marshals searching for Dwight ‘Pookie’ Johnson

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MILWAUKEE -- U.S. Marshals say he's the last man wanted in a multi-state drug operation. Dwight "Pookie" Johnson has been on the run since November of 2016.

Originally from Mississippi, Johnson is believed to be hiding in Milwaukee with a relative. Agents say he knows he's a wanted man.

"The type of organization that he was hanging around is extremely dangerous," said the agent on the case.

Johnson is part of a multi-state drug operation that was federally indicted in March of 2016. He's now the last in his network to be arrested.

Possible locations for Johnson to be hiding in are Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee and most recently Milwaukee.

According to the indictment, Johnson was caught distributing cocaine and heroin in northern Mississippi. His organization also used a series of stash houses to arrange the purchase and shipment of large quantities of cocaine.

Agents have spoken to his relatives of his home near 19th and Vienna Streets in north Milwaukee, but family has been uncooperative.

"He's a fugitive and you know he's been on the run for several months now. Who knows who is helping him out. He has no job, he has no source of income," said the agent.

Investigators are turning to FOX6 News viewers to send tips on Johnson's whereabouts. If you have information that could help U.S. Marshals, you're urged to call 414-297-3707.