2nd annual Empowering Youth Conference steers young people toward success

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Empowering Youth Conference

MILWAUKEE -- A bright future relies heavily on our youth, so one organization is helping influence young people in the inner city steer toward a successful path in life.

Sharing commonalities, differences and overcoming adversity. Saturday morning, August 19th dozens of youth from ages ten to 18, came together for the second annual Empowering Youth Conference.

Rita Lee

"We believe that if we empower them to do better, they will do better," said New Hope Youth and Family Services Founder, Rita Lee.

Rita Lee put on the event hoping to change the narrative for many young people in our community.

"Give them some strategies to work through, what they might have happening in their lives they can go out here and be great," said Rita.

Empowering Youth Conference

With workshops, discussions and activities, volunteers addressed crime and the deeper issues of its cause.

"We believe that crime comes from within," said Rita.

Empowering Youth Conference

"We try to focus on the trauma or a lot of the things that they've been going through," said Tierra Lee," said New Hope Youth and Family Services.

The focus also centered around self understanding and dealing with inner problems.

"Bullying, they might have domestic violence in the home," said Rita.

"We offer them strategies to overcome those and go and be great," said Tierra.

Empowering Youth Conference

The young people participating welcomed the opportunity to learn coping skills while having their values reinforced.

"You have to be more outgoing, you have to believe in yourself," said Savanna Rae.

Encouraging them to transform themselves, their peers and community.

"Give some knowledge to others so they can pass it on," said Rae.