Germantown police chief posts hilarious story about dealing with “terrorist” wasps

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GERMANTOWN — We’ve all had to deal with pesky bugs. For the Germantown police chief, his experience with a wasp nest in his yard has us cracking up!

The chief’s story was posted to the department’s Facebook page. It starts off simple enough: the chief was playing with his dog, “Remi,” in his front yard when Remi dropped to the ground and started biting his legs.┬áThe chief realized it was ground wasps, who he refers to as “black and yellow terrorists.”

The Facebook post goes on to tell the story of how the chief got rid of those pesky “terrorists” along with his funny commentary.

“Tonight while cutting the grass, those little black and yellow terrorists had returned to the nest and got me in the legs. Son of a nutcracker!!” the post reads in part.

In the end, the chief was happy to report his wasp issues have been resolved.

“Keep smiling Germantown,” the post reads.