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Video: Windows smashed twice in 1 week at church on Milwaukee’s north side

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MILWAUKEE -- Leaders at a church on Milwaukee's north side said they're working with officials to find answers after windows were smashed on their building -- and it's happened more than once in just a week's time.

Pastor Skip Henderson with World Outreach Center said on Wednesday, September 6th a person, "took a log of wood and went busting windows," on their building.

World Outreach Center window smasher

"Once we saw that, we got our window fixed and then just Friday, after we got it fixed, somebody came and did it again," said Henderson.

Both incidents were captured by the building's surveillance cameras.

In the first video, you can see someone taking a long object and swinging it toward the building. In the second video, you can see another person swinging another object toward the building.

World Outreach Center window smasher

Pastor Henderson said he wants to reach out to those responsible.

"I realized what they're doing is just fruit. What we want to find out is what is the root that's causing you to keep doing what you're doing? So we want to find out what that root is so we can help the people doing what they're doing," said Pastor Henderson.

Henderson said the vandal(s) didn't try to steal anything, they were just "doing random acts of violence."

Pastor Henderson said the vandalism has caused $5,000 to $10,000 in damages. Church leaders are working with police and aldermen to try and stop this from happening again.