“Meet live cockroaches:” Get up close and personal with creepy, crawly creatures — but where?

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MILWAUKEE -- This weekend is your chance to get up close and personal with all sorts of creepy, crawly creatures. Perhaps too close. Carl spent the morning at the Wehr Nature Center with a preview of Bug Day.

About Bug Day (website)

Do you enjoy seeing monarch butterflies? Do your grandchildren count the spots on ladybugs? Are your kids curious about the natural world around them? Explore the wonderful world of invertebrates at Wehr Nature Center’s Bug Day celebration! Show, Tell, and Touch displays will include live invertebrates found throughout Wisconsin and across the globe.

Invertebrates are overlooked and under-appreciated but, they are essential pollinators, decomposers, food for critters (and people), and so much more. Learn how insects help us and how you can help the insects at Bug Day 2017.

Highlights include:

  • Sample Creepy Crawly Cuisine (yes, we will be cooking bugs)

  • Meet live cockroaches, walking sticks, and praying mantids in the live insect zoo.3bug2s

  • Meet renowned Lepidopterist (Butterfly specialist) Phil Holzbauer and his exhibit featuring Butterflies from around the World.

  • Learn how to turn your back yard into a butterfly garden. Insect experts will be on hand to answer your bugging questions

  • Take your family on an insect discovery walk and catch some local arthropods.

  • Meet a Bed Bug Sniffing Dog. Cute and cuddly, but when it comes to bed bugs, its all business.

  • Bring the camera as Kids get to dress up as their favorite bug with Dr. Arthra Pod