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“He’s here. He’s robbing us:” Police release 911 call made during armed robbery of ALDI

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TOWN OF BROOKFIELD -- Police here have released the 911 call from inside the Town of Brookfield ALDI store before it was robbed on Saturday night, September 16th. Employees were immediately suspicious because of other recent robberies at area ALDI stores.

"Somebody walked in our store and we don't know where this person went," the caller can be heard saying toward the beginning of the call.

Around 7:45 Saturday night, an employee of the grocery store first called police.

Armed robbery at Aldi in Brookfield

Call to 911: "We're looking in the camera to see where he went and we don't see him."

Police say the workers were on alert at the sight of the man because of previous robberies at ALDI stores in recent months.

Sketch of Brookfield Aldi armed robbery suspect

Oconomowoc police developed a composite sketch of the suspect who robbed the ALDI there earlier this summer.

"She had a suspicion. When she looked at him, she immediately thought of the sketch they had in their office and thought, 'Wow, that might be the guy,'" said Sgt. Gwen Bruckner, "And after not being able to find him, they were concerned."

The 911 call lasted less than two minutes; it ended as soon as the robbery began:

Call to 911: "He's here. He's robbing us."

Dispatcher: "He is? Is he still there ma'am?"

At that moment, the caller hung up. The call prompted a massive response as police put surrounding businesses on lock-down.

Sgt. Gwen Bruckner, Town of Brookfield Police Department

Police say two workers were inside and ran to safety. Officers found one customer hiding inside. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Sgt. Bruckner said an officer saw the suspect inside with a handgun. However, the suspect was somehow able to sneak out.

"Based on the fact that we had the front and the east door while they still had eyes on him, I can only assume he went out the back door," Bruckner said.

Armed robbery at Aldi in Brookfield

It is the latest in a string of ALDI robberies. Police believe this suspect is connected to at least some of them. FOX6 has confirmed that, since March, ALDI stores have been robbed in Waukesha, Oconomowoc, South Milwaukee, and Greenfield.

South Milwaukee police said their investigators believe the man who robbed the Town of Brookfield store Saturday is the same person who robbed the ALDI in their community.

"I'm hoping someday I get to meet him and we can chat about why ALDI," Bruckner said.

Police are asking anyone with pictures of videos of the scene Saturday to come forward.

"Even if we can get something in the background of those videos that may seem insignificant to them but we might be able to put the pieces together," Bruckner said.

Brookfield and Bluemound Roads closed

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