“I’m pretty well bundled up:” Cold-weather workers get a break with warmer temps headed our way

MILWAUKEE -- It's good new for everyone, but especially those who work in the cold. This weekend the sub-zero temperatures are going to move out to the area - and temps in the double digits are going to move in. But one man who works outside and says he will miss the cold.

It's hard to believe when the rest of us are flinching in pain at some of these below zero temperature but for one man at the Octopus Car Wash in Milwaukee - cold weather means a lot of cash.

When the weather is cold, the roads are icy, and salt is abundant - the Octopus Car Wash in Milwaukee is very busy.

Jackie Gibens

"I'm pretty well bundled up. I've been doing this for about 20 years," Super Salesman at the Octopus Car Wash Jackie Gibens said.

Despite the horribly cold temperatures in southeastern Wisconsin, Gibens is out working. Spending most of the day in the cold.

"Toe warmers at all times, hand warmers, and I'm good with that," Gibens said.

In a little side room he keeps multiple pairs of socks that he rotates, gloves, and a space heater.

However, good news for many in southeastern Wisconsin - the brutal cold is about over. Temperatures are getting ready to warm up back into the double digits.

"I want to clap my hands right now, but they're cold," Octopus Car Wash Manager Curtis Louis said.

Across town, city construction workers brace for the warm weather. With rising temperatures -- pipes are likely to explode, and that means they will be busy. However, the city said their crews are equipped to handle any problem that should arise.

Back at the car wash, Gibens said he'll miss the cold, but warmer weather means less he has to deal with.

"Nothing is going to change, nothing is going to change, the warmer I get I'll take off a little bit at a time," Gibens said.

Warm, cold, windy, or calm - those who work out in the elements will continue to do so. And Gibens will continue along side them - snow or shine. While it will continue to be business as usual for the car wash, Milwaukee's Department of Public Works said their crews may enjoy the warmer temperatures, especially if they work outside. But as we said earlier - high temperatures can create more problems.