Detective testifies as woman faces charges, accused of running over her own friend, who may not walk for “years”

KENOSHA COUNTY — A woman accused of running over her own friend, leaving the friend badly injured, was in court Tuesday, Jan. 9 for her preliminary hearing, during which a Kenosha County sheriff’s detective testified. Probable cause was found for further proceedings, and Hunter was bound over for trial. An arraignment was set for Feb. 21, when bond conditions may be reviewed.

Nieama Hunter

23-year-old Nieama Hunter is charged with felony first degree reckless injury, use of a dangerous weapon as well as hit-and-run causing injury.

FOX6 News spoke with Shevonda Jackson, 29, after four surgeries, the most recent lasting 14 hours. She said doctors told her mother she won’t be able to walk for years. Her injuries stem from a Dec. 17 incident at an apartment complex in Kenosha. The mood changed when Jackson was driving away from Kenosha — and Hunter wanted her to go back.

“She kept punching me while I was driving and I was losing control of the wheel, so I pulled over,” Jackson said.

The women got into a tussle. Jackson said she stepped out of the car — and was on the phone calling for help when…

“She jumped over to the driver’s side and put my car in drive. She could have just kept driving. She backed back on my leg and ran over my legs, backwards and forward and backwards,” Jackson said.

Nieama Hunter

Jackson said Hunter just started to go in circles. The complaint says Jackson “was in pain, scared and afraid to move while this happened. She was concerned that if she moved, (Hunter) would run over her head and kill her.”

The criminal complaint against Hunter says neighbors ran out of the apartment complex to help after seeing “Ms. Jackson underneath the vehicle” — and the car drove off.

“She tried to take my life, and if nobody had came out there, I would be dead right now. I thank the people who did come out there,” Jackson said.

Shevonda Jackson

In the criminal complaint, the responding officer described Jackson’s injuries, saying, “the bone was sticking out of her leg at the ankle.”

“My leg hurt constantly. It got to stay elevated. This is so uncomfortable for somebody so active,” Jackson said.

Shevonda Jackson

“I hope that she gets the maximum of her time. I feel like she should suffer like I am,” Jackson said of Hunter.

Hunter made her initial appearance in court on Jan. 2 and cash bond was set at $25,000.

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