MBA Home and Remodeling Show ‘a 1-stop shop’ for DIY-ers, those looking to build or sell

WEST ALLIS -- The MBA Home and Remodeling Show was the place to be for those looking to spruce up their homes, and those looking to sell or build.

When it comes to working on your home, there tend to be two kinds of people. The DIY-ers, and...

Elsie Lagrone-Morris

"Absolutely not! I'm just going to give somebody else the ideas and then they can put it together," Elsie Lagrone-Morris said.

Lagrone-Morris came out to the Home Building and Remodeling Show at the Wisconsin State Fair Expo Center Sunday, Jan. 14, the last day of the weekend event meant for people like Lagrone-Morris -- who want more out of their homes.

"The bathroom, the kitchen, I really just want to make it my own," Lagrone-Morris said.

This exposition showcased hundreds of vendors, looking to help homeowners find exactly what they were looking for. From interior projects, to exterior and everything in between.

MBA Home and Remodeling Show

MBA Home and Remodeling Show

MBA Home and Remodeling Show

MBA Home and Remodeling Show

MBA Home and Remodeling Show

"I'd describe it as a one-stop shop. There's a wide variety of dynamics in this market that people aren't realizing," said Jim Doering with the Home Building and Remodeling Show.

A home is so much more than just the roof over your head, and the walls at your side. It's also about what you put into it. Maybe, for example, a smart refrigerator. You can surf the internet on it or leave a note for later.

From kitchenware and side paneling -- to a fire pit and a pool, building your perfect home can be as complicated, or in Lagrone-Morris' case, you may choose to keep it simple and leave it to the professionals.

"Don't do it yourself!" Lagrone-Morris said.