“We can protect lives:” Delaware company demonstrates laminate that can make glass bulletproof

MILWAUKEE -- Gun violence takes place in Milwaukee nearly every day. Now, a Delaware company, ACE, says it can make the windows in your home and car bulletproof in just minutes -- and it is a promise the company's CEO stands behind.

Capt. Peter Fabian

Capt. Peter Fabian is likely the only CEO in the world that asks his employees to shoot him. It is part of an eye-opening sales pitch that caught the attention of the U.S. military.

"In 2002, we outfitted 75 Humvees in Afghanistan," Fabian said.

Fabian's company, ACE, developed a window laminate for conflicts overseas.

"It's a thin piece of plastic that will stop a bullet. It will stop a bomb," Fabian said.

ACE laminate

But bullets just do not fly on the battlefield. In 2015, a gunman shot and killed four Marines and a sailor at a Tennessee recruiting station. Fabian decided his war-tested technology was needed at home.

ACE laminate

"The war zone has come home. America is under attack. We are not bringing the war home. It's following us here," Fabian said.

Fabian claims the ACE laminate, when applied to a standard quarter-inch piece of glass -- the same glass found in most cars, homes and offices -- makes it bulletproof.  It is a claim Fabian not only stands behind, but is so confident he asked FOX6's Amy DuPont to join him.

Fabian said conventional bulletproof glass is heavy, expensive and not strong enough.

Gun fires at regular glass

When  ACE weapons expert Stephen Cashion fired a 9 mm handgun directly at the unprotected glass, it shattered. When he tested the ACE laminated glass with an aluminum bat, the glass cracked but didn't shatter.

When Cashion then fired six rounds just a few feet away from the glass, five of the bullets were trapped in the laminate. A sixth bullet hit the glass and bounced back at the shooter.

Gun fires at glass with ACE laminate

"The laminate absorbs the energy and then wants to return to its original form," Cashion said. "It's kind of like a slingshot. It comes forward and it's the coming forward that fires the bullet back."


You can find the ACE laminate in a handful of schools and police stations across the country. But it is not cheap. The cost to retro-fit one squad car window is roughly $2,000.

ACE laminate

Capt. Fabian believes you get what you pay for.

"We can protect lives," Fabian said. "We can resist the war zone coming home. We can protect America."

You can find a lot of bulletproof glass laminates on the internet. But be aware of counterfeit products. Fabian said if the company's CEO will not stand behind the glass like he does, do not buy that product.