Dog parks in Racine targeted by smash-and-grab thieves

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MOUNT PLEASANT -- Thieves in Racine County are prowling dog parks, smashing windows and stealing items from cars. All while the dog owners are just yards away.

Word is traveling quick at the Quarry Lake Dog Park in Mount Pleasant about the recent crimes.

"It's sad it happened during the day," said Erin Genrich, goes to the dog park nearly every day with her dog.

As dogs played last Wednesday, January 17th, police say in the parking lot thieves were breaking windows and taking items from inside.

"You're always paying attention to your dog. So I could see how you're not paying attention and someone is rummaging around in there and you wouldn't even know," said Shawn Reed,

It's not the only dog park targeted; Johnson Park Dog Run was also hit.

"I am surprised to hear that. I did not know that," said Brooke Roloff, brings her dogs to dog park.

Police say among the items thieves are looking for are purses.

FOX6's Ben Handelman said: "I noticed you didn't have a purse on your or anything."

Roloff: "I don't. It's in the front seat of my car. So I am kind of worried about that."

The crime is giving everyone a heads up to lock up.

Police say if you see something suspicious, don't be afraid to reach out. In the meantime, dog owners are spreading the word hoping awareness will take a bite out of crime.

"I think everyone watches out for their cars now and keeping their stuff with them," said Genrich.

About a half-dozen vehicles were hit during these incidents. The good news is there haven't been any more thefts reported so far this week.

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