Delafield police share dramatic crash video as a reminder for drivers to slow down

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DELAFIELD -- A police officer in Delafield was nearly struck by an out-of-control driver Wednesday night, February 7th. The car in front of him was not so lucky. The dramatic crash was all caught on camera.

"Actually it was a pretty loud, 'whoa' throughout the entire department," said Captain Robert Hagan.

Police say the crash happened on a straight stretch of road about 10:15 p.m., between Highways C and 83 on I-94.

"What caused him to spin out and lose control, there really isn't a lot of obvious reasons why that would happen," said Hagen.

There may have been a warning sign about what was about to happen.

"What we did find out later, the officer was made aware there was a reckless driving complaint west of us regarding the same vehicle," said Officer Robert Hagen, Delafield Police Department.

The Delafield officer quickly secured the scene.

Robert Hagen

"There were no other accidents and no one was injured. So that's the biggest thing," Hagen said.

The investigation was turned over to the Wisconsin State Patrol, who tells FOX6 the out-of-control driver did receive a citation. Delafied police are now sharing the video hoping the wreck serves as a reminder.

"That's why it's important you slow down, you pay attention, you give yourself extra room. It doesn't have to be there is three inches of snow on the road to make it slippery and cause a problem," said Hagen.

Police say it doesn't have to be icy for the roads to become dangerous, the moisture can really affect your tires control on the road as well.

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