‘I love you and will see you soon:’ TMZ reports Milwaukee man made pilgrimage to LA to see Miley Cyrus

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man was arrested in Los Angeles, and TMZ is reporting he traveled there to see Miley Cyrus, and left behind Facebook posts that led to his arrest.

Milwaukee police said someone in Milwaukee saw the concerning statements on social media and notified police. MPD notified Los Angeles law enforcement agencies -- who located the man on Monday, Feb. 12 and interviewed him -- taking him in for a psychological evaluation, according to TMZ. He could be held for up to 72 hours.

An MPD spokesman said the suspect is believed to have mental health issues.

TMZ shared some of the social media posts -- with one reading: "I got your address like you insisted. I know which way to enter and thank you for getting rid of Liam." Another reads: "Things are about to move fast starting tomorrow when we finally get together Miley. I love you and will see you soon. The whole world is now ours."

One post refers to a "horrific act" he's going to pull off that will be on the news, according to TMZ.

Facebook posts related to Miley Cyrus fan from Milwaukee arrested in LA (PHOTO: TMZ)

TMZ is reporting it's unclear whether Miley Cyrus "was aware of the apparent danger." TMZ has reached out to her legal team.

"It appears at this point, Miley Cyrus is safe from this dude, but this something celebrities go through. Not all fans are good fans," Van Lathan with TMZ said.

It's unclear at this point whether the suspect will face charges.