Misunderstanding: Bar in Riverwest won’t become strip club; ‘we’ve never said we wanted to be’

MILWAUKEE — It turns out, officials with a bar in Riverwest who applied for an adult entertainment designation while renewing their license never wanted to become a strip club.

Instead, an owner of “Tha Circle” said Tuesday, Feb. 13 there was a misunderstanding.

“We asked one question: ‘If I wanted to rent out my space to a person that wanted to entertain a bachelor party, if it was legal.’ The lady in the licensing department told us that it would probably be best if we checked the box. The box did not say ‘strip club’ on it. We’ve never said we wanted to be a strip club. Let’s be clear,” Daryl Carter, bar owner said.

Daryl Carter

An attorney hired by a nearby condo association said he’s happy the items were withdrawn, but Michael Maistelman said he does have concerns about advertisements by “Tha Circle” regarding DJs when the bar isn’t licensed to host them.

Carter said they’ve never been in violation of noise ordinances when complaints have been made.