FOX6 Investigation prompts response from Wisconsin Democratic Party

MILWAUKEE COUNTY — A Wisconsin Democratic Party activist is crying foul over a FOX6 investigation. Terrell Martin has issued a press release claiming FOX6 News spread "false information" about him related to his former role at the Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center.

It all ties into a shocking case of alleged abuse caught on camera.

The video leaked to FOX6 News shows a correctional officer attacking a juvenile inmate unprovoked. The FOX6 Investigators found top brass at the detention center sat on the evidence for nearly a year.

However, it's a family connection between the guard and one of his superiors that prompted a sharp response from the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County.

The FOX6 Investigators showed two videos from inside the Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center to Milwaukee County Supervisor Sheldon Wasserman.

One of the videos shows a juvenile guard attack an inmate in the hallway.

"Completely unprovoked -- just attacks the guy," Wasserman said about the video in the hallway.

Another video, captured inside a classroom five hours earlier, shows a fight break out between inmates. At one point, the juveniles guards intervene and an inmate is hit with a chair.

"Holy crap," Wasserman said while watching the video. "Who's buddy with who to just bury this?"

Turns out, the correctional officer, Brandon McAfee, had more than just friends in high places.

He had a cousin.

Terrell Martin was the Deputy Superintendent of the Vel Phillips Juvenile Detention Center when the incident happened in January of 2016.

But it wasn't until after he retired that the case was reported to the District Attorney.

Mark Mertens

"We had some changes in leadership," explained Mark Mertens, the Director of Delinquency and Court Services for Milwaukee County. "I think it's likely that we're doing a better job of documenting at this point."

Before the FOX6 Investigators broke the story, Martin would on say that his relationship to McAfee "played no role" in the administration of his duties.

On Friday, Martin issued a press release under a Democratic Party logo decrying what he called "false reporting" by FOX6 News.

Martin is the chairman of the party's 4th Congressional District.

He now says he had "always been recused" from any personnel matters involving McAfee when he worked at the juvenile detention center and to suggest anything else, he wrote, "is simply false."

At the time of the incident, Wilma Fonseca was the superintendent of the facility. She has not yet responded to a message sent through social media.

McAfee is facing a felony charge of Misconduct in Public Office. He's due in court, again, on February 28th.