Captured: US Marshals seek 28-year-old Eric Wilkes, Racine drug dealer with ties to violent ‘Vice Lords’ gang

Eric Wilkes

RACINE -- U.S. Marshals say a Racine drug dealer, and former member of a violent gang, is once again breaking the law. Agents believe he may be changing his appearance to divert authorities.

Authorities are searching for 28-year-old Eric Wilkes -- a  drug dealer with ties to the notorious "Vice Lords" gang.

“I think it's the hot topic the last couple of years especially in Milwaukee County, with all the heroin deaths in this part of the state,” the agent on his case said. “The Vice Lords [are] a violent street gang. Whether he's still active on that we haven't picked up information on that."

In 2012, Wilkes was indicted as part of federal conspiracy to distribute heroin.

“Eventually in 2015, he settled on a 58-months sentence. Since then he's been released from prison and he's been under supervised release for the last couple of years,” the agent explained.

But old habits die hard for this fugitive. Instead of turning his life around, Wilkes violated his parole late last year.

"He was in a car with another convicted felon who was on a state supervision The Racine Police Department received information that the individuals in the car might be involved in a crime. They were pulled over on a traffic stop in the car was marijuana and a firearm with a filed off serial number," the agent said.

Wilkes is nowhere to be found. In the past he's been known to frequent Racine’s Georgetown neighborhood. Agents say he's recently changed his appearance.

“One of his nicknames was 'Dreads,' but recently he's shaved his head probably because of the active case to try and avoid attention,” the agent said.

Authorities say close family and friends are aware he's wanted. Agents hope the public will keep an eye out for the Racine man who has a debt to pay with society.

“Give us a call,” the agent explained. “call Racine police help us get him off the streets.”

If you have information that could help Marshals track Wilkes down, you're encouraged to contact the tip line at 414-297-3707. You will remain anonymous.