‘Anger took over:’ Days after package thefts, man races after suspects breaking into cars

Todd Caze

MILWAUKEE -- Days after porch pirates hit up a block on Milwaukee's east side, criminals were back, and this time, they were trying to break into cars. When a neighbor saw it going down near Farwell and Park, he ran out of his home and tried to stop it.

"It was kind of like, unbelievable," Todd Caze said.

Caze said he was working from home on Monday afternoon, Feb. 19, and didn't think he'd have a front-row seat to criminal activity.

"You're like, 'did that person just jump in my tenant's car?' When I saw them stop at the second one and try the door, it all came together and anger took over," Caze said.

The thieves didn't realize they were not only caught on camera, but Caze was watching. Surveillance video shows a red SUV pulling up, and a passenger jumping out.

"Opens our tenant's car door and he jumps inside," Caze said.

When the thieves didn't find anything, they headed up the street.

"They jump back in and they stop at the next door and jump out," Caze said.

Todd Caze

Caze called police and ran outside as the criminals stopped by a white Jeep. He raced to try to catch them, but they sped away.

"I wasn't scared. I guess was more angry and, I guess, really determined to help put a stop to them," Caze said.

Todd Caze

What makes this all the more frustrating is that it was just last Thursday, Feb. 15 that the same surveillance camera captured thieves stealing a package from Caze's home. They also targeted others on the block.

"We're just getting fed up with our neighborhood being picked on," Caze said.

Caze said he hopes people will take a close look at the surveillance video and call police with any information.

We're watching. Stay out of our neighborhood. We're going to catch you sooner or later," Caze said.