‘The future is here:’ Greater Milwaukee Auto Show gets 1st all-electric vehicle display

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MILWAUKEE -- Battery-powered cars are becoming more common on our nation's roadways. The Greater Milwaukee Auto Show features one room that showcases the reason some say the time for electric cars is right now.

"I think the future is here," said Lorrie Lisek, executive director of Wisconsin Clean Cities.

It is the first all-electric vehicle display in the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show's history.

"Some are a little bit hesitant, you know? 'We'll wait,' but you know what? Now is the time," Lisek said.

Lorrie Lisek

Lisek said the non-profit -- Wisconsin Clean Cities -- is working to shift emissions off-roads.

"Electric vehicles, they're cleaner burning, so you're not going to have the emissions, so it's really going to help with emission reduction," said Lisek.

In the showroom, guests can get an up-close look at some of the latest models, including the Chevy Bolt and the Nissan LEAF.

"These are great commuter vehicles for people going to work and driving short distances," Lisek said.

For folks not quite "plugged into" the idea of driving a fully electric car, Lisek said hybrid electric vehicles, "that run on fuel and also on electricity," are the next best thing.

Lisek also said alternative fuel vehicles account for roughly 10 percent of the transportation sector, and expects that to increase as new models continue to be released.

The electric room will be open through the end of the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show -- March 4.

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