‘Getting kids excited:’ Milwaukee’s finest reads to kids for Read Across America Day

MILWAUKEE -- Everyone has a favorite -- from "Green Eggs and Ham" to "Cat in the Hat." On Friday, Mar, 2, first responders across Milwaukee county teamed up to help kids learn the fun of reading as part of the National Read Across America campaign.

Milwaukee's finest: police, firefighters, and sheriff's deputies took on a different kind of role. This one -- involving reading to elementary school students at Barack Obama's School of Career and Technical Education.

"Video games aren't going to take them to the next level, but reading will," said Adrian Roberson with the Milwaukee Fire Department.

In addition to reading to kids, first responders also brought hundreds of books to be handed out to kids for free. The school also served up Dr. Seuss inspired food.

School officials said Friday was about the kids and making sure they continue to enjoy reading. Outside of the classroom, it's not surprising to see kids avoid exploring books. But in school, regardless of the title, educators want children to embrace the adventure each turn of the page brings with it.

"The idea is just to really get kids excited about reading. Just to remind them that reading is still fun in a day where everybody is all plugged up," Assistant Principal Jason Brazil said.

Oh the places you will go, when you read, you just never know.

In addition to Mar. 2 being the day people read across America, it's also the birthday of Dr. Seuss. If he were still alive, he would have turned 114 years old.