Investigators: Alleged pimp arrested after victim recognizes his mom’s voice as her high school teacher

Sean Hayes

MILWAUKEE -- A mother turns her own son in to police. This, after investigators say she learned he was sex trafficking a child.

50-year-old Sean Hayes was arrested and charged with trafficking back in November. Investigators say his own mother turned him in after one of her student's told her she was being pimped by her son.

Prosecutors say Hayes, ran "Shining Stars Adult Entertainment." He approached a 17-year-old girlĀ at a bus stop in August of 2017, and told her she'd make a good model. The teen learned the job was actually to be an escort.

The complaint says the girl met with Hayes the next day, who explained to the then 17-year-old, she could be a "call girl." That role, according to the complaint, came with rules including that she could not use her real name or age with clients. The teen would instead use the name "Honey."

From August to October of 2017, the girl worked in the sex trade -- making trips from Milwaukee, to Green Bay, Waukesha, Wauwatosa and Chicago.

Prosecutors say on at least one occasion, Hayes pressured the girl to have sex with him -- telling her it was "to gain her trust."

According to a criminal complaint, on one trip from Chicago to Milwaukee, Hayes took a phone call from his mother and the 17-year-old could hear the person on the other line and recognized the voice as her high school teacher.

James Groppi High School


James Groppi High School

Court records show the teen confessed to her teacher she had been missing classes at James Groppi High School, "because she had been working as an escort for her son."

The teacher, in turn, called police and Hayes was arrested.

Hayes' attorney tells FOX6, his client "maintains his innocence," adding "nothing like that happened" and "records will prove the girl is lying."

Hayes is out on bail and his case has been bound over for trial. That is set to begin in June.