Spring clean your pantry: 5 easy ways you can hit the refresh on your diet

MILWAUKEE -- Spring is finally here -- and it's the perfect time to clean up your eating habits. Lisa Grudzielanek with Your Tasty Life joins Real Milwaukee with five easy ways you can hit refresh on your diet.

1. Shrink Your Dishes & Revisit Your Portions

  • One of the easiest ways to eat better is to reduce your portions to something more proportional.
  • If you`re not able to replace all your dishes, use salad plates instead of dinner plates.

2. Set Out Fruit Bowls

  • Constant reminder of selecting healthier options.
  • While you`re at it toss candy dishes!

3. Ditch dehydrating coffee drinks

  • Switch to sparkling water and water.
  • Drop the cream and sugar-based coffee drinks, lattes, hot chocolate and other indulgences.

4. Dejunk & Literally Clean Out Your Pantry, Fridge and Freezer

  • Toss any expired and processed foods to organize your fridge and cupboards for healthier eating.

5. Swap 'Heavy' Winter Foods for 'Lighter' Fresh Spring Seasonal Produce

  • Bid farewell to the ice cream, sugary treats & fattening snacks, if you really don`t want to consume the.
  • Get going on some asparagus, green peas, artichokes, lettuce, and strawberries!
  • Try a new salad mix at your next dinner meal.